Friday, April 18, 2014

A little gardening, a little showing off, with a side order of fun.............

The straw bales are ready for the baby plants and then "let the gardening begin". Unfortunately, I still have some restraint left in me and I won't put out the little ones until the end of the month. Sneaky freeze might come in and take them from me. We already had an accident with one of the trays of baby veggies. Yep, it got knocked to the floor. Don't you hate it when life just happens?????? No real harm, just lost the tomatoes and peppers the rest of the little ones held on tight and endured the ride.

And to the showing off..........
I always love to show you what love has brought me, literally. The day before my BD, Sweet Man in an effort not to be late brought home this bromeliad for me. I used to have a lot of these at our old house and he thought I might like to have a companion plant in the craft cubby since the plants in there now always go out to the front patio in the spring. He was right, Emma, that's her given name will make a fine partner for crafting with her inspiring bright flame coloring. Thanks Honey, she's a beauty.

Then on my BD, in the mail, I recieved Apriliano. Isn't he the cutest? Don't you want to get to know him better? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I bet he would love to get to know Ms. Baggs. That can be arranged. And for those who don't know Ms. Baggs........well you have a treat in store for you.

Apriliano was safely tucked away inside of his own mushroom inside one of my favorite things in the world wide of the world. A hat box. I have had a thing for hat boxes ever since I got my first one as a small girl (another post). There is no way my sweet friend April could even have known that I am obsessed with hat boxes and yet there it was holding the sweetest hand crafted needle felted gnome in the world. He wasn't by himself in the box, there also was a pillow insert. Hmmmm thinks I?????. After reading the card, I was told to watch for something from Etsy.

Sure enough a few days later, this is the something. Red and white, wonderfulness with a Cuckoo clock (so fitting) and a gnome. It is just the right size to fit my lower back when I sit in the living room. April, Gnoma Linda says thank you.

And the grands and Shelley surprised me with Oz presents. A darling music box that plays "Somewhere, over the rainbow" where I can stash precious things and two of the four sweet mini Ozlings that Hallmark has out right now. The other two are to follow as my Mother's day giftie. Every year they make my BD so very special just by being in my life and close at hand. Thanks Shelley and GK and RY.

And then there was an uber surprise. Jan from Laughing Dog Art joined in the Celebrate Oz festivities this year for the first time and I was thrilled. I admire her work, love her take on life and think she is terrific. Well to my greatest joy, she sent me the work she had done for Oz..........I am the very proud and happy recipient of "The Horse of Many Colors", hand stitched artwork. I love this so much. It of course will be on the Oz wall by end of May. Thanks Jan.

And as a bright spot in my week this week another Ozian blessing came to me from the always thoughtful, precious and eternally happy inducing Ms. Stacy from MagicCrowLove. My very own Dorothy crow and Toto. I love this ACEO. Ms. Dorothy Crow will also become a part of the Oz wall. Thank you Ms. Stacy and Mama Crow too.

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes I received as well. You are all very kind and I appreciate it very much.

I know these look like mismatched woolie worms huh? But they are Y branches from the bushes we trimmed wrapped with misc. fuzzy yarns. The bells and mirrors had not been added at this point, but you will get to see them again in the garden photos.
And as for the fun (like all of the above wasn't fun enough), the grands have been a joy this Spring Break. We have worked in the yard, played in the yard, made guardians for the garden, painted some birdhouses for pay it forward artwork, baked some interesting bread and just hung out and enjoyed being lazy. We have spent hours talking and reminiscing about "when they were babies", which is always fun. Electronics were verboten until Shelley got home most days and I, as always, am a little sad to see the time has passed so quickly. Ry has learned some new things to do around the house, GK has been so funny and engaging, I have been chill and we have all been enriched by our time together.

See????? I was worrying for nothing when I complained about them making me crazy. They did....but in the best way possible. Crazy happy.

Speaking of Happy............I hope you each have the very best Easter weekend. We are going to bless each other with cascarones (blown out eggs filled with confetti) and bite the ears off of an unsuspecting chocolate rabbit.

Smooches and Squoozes from all the members of Casa de Cuckoo, but especially me.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hold on Dorothy.....California just blew through............

This was going to be the last clean up day in the yard. The day when I could say, hmmmmmmm, I'm ready for spring to officially be here. I should learn to "Shut my mouth".

The typical, make you miserable,  spring wind has arrived. I forget how much I hate wind and the after effects of said disturbance until I have to spend a day inside, with my lungs and head aching and watch the dust just flow on by.

I love a breeze, I even like an occasional wind to clean out the pollution but sustained 40 mph with wind gusts of 65 mph, it's not even on my list of things I want to live with. Oh well, no one asked me anyway.
found these nutter butter cookies, hershey's kisses and butterscotch chips

So instead I finished a baby blanket for a certain Acorn. And I spent some time on the phone and online with a computer tech to help with some complications on my computer. And while on the phone on speaker, I cleaned out some additional craft crap boxes and there are three people out there who will be very surprised with what I found for them after I go to the post office (if it's still there) tomorrow.

I am not kidding about the wind. I just saw the back door neighbors garden shed blow from south of them to the house just north of them. Just like that. The people who own that property will be very surprised that they no longer have a shed. Now that was scary. I know they just had an estate sale and the shed was emptied out, so I suppose that's why it took flight. Oh and there goes the swamp cooler cover off their house. Yikes.

I sure am glad that Shelley and I didn't put out the yard guardians we made yesterday after we finished the yard work. They would be enjoying them in Bernalillo or Santa Fe by now. I'll put some photos of the guardians  when we get them in the garden......or not, depending on the weather. I saw on the weather channel that this wind will be in affect here and move west this week. There is also a possibility of snow showers tomorrow.

Have a peace filled rest of Sunday. I'll post sometime this week and let you know how we fared in the spring winds. And also to introduce you to Apriliano....he's my main crush now.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wow, this is a lotta stuff.............

I hadn't picked anything specific out before my giveaway because I wanted to get some info on the person that won to sorta tailor the items to favorite colors? sewing? crafting? needlework? papercrafts? etc. So when I got the information from the lovely Vickie, I started going through my hoard of one of everything Moses ever let come across the desert.

Sheesh.............I coulda filled three large flat rate boxes with the stuff I found to giveaway.

There's blingy, sparklies, pink/purple/turquoise, rubber stamps, wood (makes me giggle like an eighth grade girl), fiber, charms, paper (of all denominations), buttons, ephemera, recycle, ribbon, stuff and lots of good junk including a wand and some other pagan paraphernalia.

So I've saved out another box full of wonderfulness and I'm thinking that maybe I'll do this again next month around Mother's Day. So keep a weather eye on the horizon ye lubbers. There's craft crap in them there sails. Or something like that.

I finished doing all of this seek and find just in time to be able to focus on the fact that I have tiny wee plantlings coming up in my seed trays. The heirloom varieties that I am growing are gonna be fun to watch as well as eat. I just ran out of ump pa pa in the photo taking department or you could see that I actually have veggies poking their leaves out of the seeds.

Tomorrow is work in the yard day again. And I anticipate that we will be all caught up at the end of the weekend....fingers crossed. The straw bales are beginning to sag a little and take on water and actually stay moist. Another dressing of compost and topsoil and I think that we are all set. Just waiting on the little plantlings.

I know I could go to the garden supply place and get plants (and I'm not usually on any particular band wagons of protest of late) but I'm not purchasing any seeds that have been genetically altered. If that means I fight off rot or mold or bugs, then so be it. I will do that gladly if I don't have to be worried that the food I put on the table contains plant DNA that can be harmful to my grands. I can't do anything about what we have ingested thus far........but from here on out as long as I am able to do what I can to keep us safe, I will.

Wow, that was freeing. Reminds me of the good old hippy days of protest, flower power and communes. And I fought off rot and worst, back then. Wow those times were a million years ago....right after the dinosaurs took their big time out.

Peace and love my lovelies............ Oma Linda (funny, I now have a yearning for tie dye and seed bead necklaces)

Just had another crazy thought. Do you know what the Olde English word for "to plant a seed" is? Cuz if you do, then that's what I've been up to. . . . planting.  tee hee  Who knew you could do that to vegetables and flowers.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And the winner is.........

Me.....because I get to give a lovely bunch of crafting "thingies" to someone very special. I am thrilled that I had such a great response to this giveaway, including but not limited to folks who advertised it and they didn't even want to win all the goodies......that makes them goodies, don't ya know.

I'll post a photo of what I will be including in the large postal box (you know the one you can stuff with as much as you want so long as it fits in the box.  And goes for the one fixed price) on tomorrow's blog. I'm going to enjoy the picking and stuffing today as I take the day to drink my favorite beverage and just chillax. That's what birthdays are for I'm told. I know by the end of the "shopping" through my stash that I will have my next great adventure planned as well.

this beautiful card is on The Graphics Fairy

And the winner of my 900th post is.......................Vickie Lesperance.

Congratulations and happy crafting to all that do.

I hope your day is as lovely as mine will be.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

Monday, April 7, 2014

We went for a Sunday drive....but it was just the Olde Folks....

Sometimes too much of a good thing is more than too much. Do you every feel that way? Too much rich food makes a body sluggish. Too much wine makes a body stumble. Too much kid stuff just before spring break makes an Olde Broad batty. Yep, we went on a self defense ride.

Sweet Man and I got in his "vehicle de jour" and took a Sunday afternoon ride. I used to think it was a myth about Sunday drives and Olde Folks but it's true. We have our own reasons for doing so, and have been taking to the road for a couple of hours get away for years. We do our best talking in the car and we also are able to wash away whatever it is that is bugging us on the journey.

This trip we skirted Albuquerque on all sides and ended up in my favorite part of Albuquerque for a snow cone and some animal viewing. Made my weekend. Now to face the music as they say.

I love my grands more than life itself. And I would do just about anything in the world for them, and have. But there is something mysterious that happens to normal kids when spring break is upon them. When I worked with kids back in the Dark Ages, it was always hard to find something that would keep their attention at this time of year. Any teacher will be able to quote chapter and verse on this spring time ocurrance. I won't say they behave badly, because they don't but "ants in their pants" would be a sizeable downgrade on the Richter scale from where they get up to.

I'm hoping I can keep them busy. Now that sounds like a stupid statement but.............consider this: I despise them being on "electronics" 24/7. There's much more to challenge yourself with than pokemon and angry birds and minecraft. I know I sound like I'm getting old. Like when my parents wanted me to turn down the music. Or rather what I thought was music and they thought was noise. But if you have ever been around kids with DS's, or other equipment that repeats the same sound a bazillion times, it can irritate your nerves. Or as I like to say, "it's jumping on my flat nerve". And yes they can adjust the volume but that's really not the point. The point is that I want them to breath some fresh air, enjoy what there is around them and they want to sit in one spot and be on something electronic.

I've complained so much to them that they make fun of the the word electronics now like it's some old fart word. Sheeeeeeesh. And the word has more than 5 syllables when said in a mocking tone.

Yes we have the yard work but like Maynard G. Krebbs of Dobey Gillis fame, work is a four letter word and these two are totally allergic to work. We'll see just how much forced fun I can dole out.

for you darlings who are too young to remember this.....this is from the TV show Doby Gillis
Anyway, Ry is home for two weeks beginning today, his sister will be home next week. I will be in the looney bin the following week. Light orange candles for perseverance for me ya'll.

Smooches and Squoozes Oma Linda..........the Omalator

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bales and bales and still no veggies.....yet......

As you may or mayn't (I just love using that word) know that the Cuckoos of the Casa are using a different kind of gardening style this year. We are planting our vegetables and some flowers in straw bales. The are above ground making it easy for me to tend because since my knee replacement surgery, I haven't been able to get down and dirty, or get on my knees to weed either.

I saw this gardening technique on many different variations and went to a class on straw bale gardening here at one of our gardening clubs. I was hooked. But last year, there just didn't seem to be the time or opportunity so we planned for this spring. Actually Shelley and I planned it and Sweet Man hoped against hope that we would forget our plan. But alas, he lost. But he didn't have to lift any bales or put them where they were going so, he hasn't said much.

the ladder was to get the bales into the back yard
Shelley and her handy sidekick Ms. GK (who as you can see is taller than she) went after school to one of our favorite haunts in the north valley of Albuquerque. Dan's Boots and Saddles. There are many things to see there. Clothes, boots, tack, tools, farm equipment, all manner of pet needs and of course Cowboys. I didn't think that's what the girls were shopping for when they went to get the straw bales, but then what do I know. 

and yes, Ms. Shelley cleaned up the inside of the vehicle after this fun was had
There's something about a guy in slim cut jeans, boots, cowboy hat and a wide buckle that stirs something in a girls heart....or elsewhere. Anyway, GK the nerd girl went to help Mom unload when the shopping was done and was oblivious to the extras that the trip afforded looking at the baby chicks, finding a feed dispenser she wanted to buy and make a lamp (where in the hell did she get that crazy idea) until they were at the checkout counter where Shelley asked if they could get some help loading the bales. 

According to Shelley, there were several volunteers from the guys who had been checking out the nerd chick as she perused the clothes etc. and the ones who worked there as well. Needless to say when they went out to the SUV and GK saw all the help coming out towards them she said "well hello cowboys". Shelley said she almost split a gut with laughter. Of course nothing of import happened because when the tallest drink of water cowboy (who was all of about 21), asked Shelley how old her "little sister" was, gotta love a smooth talker, and found out she was  uh....13, the truck got loaded quickly and my girls enjoyed the eye candy and came home. And guess who was more than willing to go back the next day to get more bales? Both of them. 

we were just test flying how it would look and so were nosey and nosey Jr. (Jameson and Ellie Mae)
This will be the tomato, jalepeno and onion bed.....salsa, hot, hot
We're making the bed.....hahaha this weekend. I was going to paint the bed a different color but I think I like the chippy green, looks more garden bed like somehow. I also found a brass twin size head and foot board by the side of the road on garbage day.....nope couldn't let it die in the landfill soooooooo it will now reside in the front yard being a straw bale bed as well. I know it is proof positive that I have lost it. But now at least I'm shouting it to the whole world, if not the neighbors.

this is where we will plant muskmelon, beans, flowers and strawberries.
raspberries, blackberries to the right of the bales.
I have now treated the bales with nitrogen, watered them everyday and will dress them with topsoil and compost. I will continue to water in the soil everyday and by the end of week 2 we will be ready to plant. I started my seeds about a week ago inside. The decomp of the bales will make it warm enough in and near the bales to keep the little plantings safe during the chance of frost we have until end of April. And then I'm hoping for lots of opportunity to can and teach GK and Ry how really fun growing your own food can be. I ordered seed from some organic, heirloom seed companies and went to a garden club here and bought some heirlooms that grow well here. I'm hoping for yellow, purple, maroon and green tomatoes, black jalapenos, round zucchini, green bumpy pumpkins, white tiny pumpkins, pinto beans, black skinned watermelon, musk melons, yellow and white strawberries as well as red. We also are planting raspberries, blackberries and marionberries. Kinda iffy about them doing well but gonna try. We will be growing tomatoes and pumpkins in the front bed and cucumbers on trellises by the front entry gates. We're going all in people.

If this works as well as we are hoping, then next year we will plant corn on around the corner on the south side of the house next year. Can you tell I'm enthusiastic about this endeavor?

zuchinni, beans, husk tomatoes, flowers in this horseshoe.
the reason for the shape is for the easy of tending the bed and sun exposure
persian lilac, false quince, sunflower windmill and pomegranite.
and why yes we still have lots of pruning to do as well as fertilizing the grass
We had frost this morning so I'm hoping my white peach blossoms didn't freeze and I get at least a taste this year of the fruit. And last but not least is the ornamental plum tree we planted. I know, it says ornamental but I'm telling you they make the best sweet and sour plum jam in the world. Have been canning jam from them for more than 30 years. We usually go out the weekend closest to 4th of July and go to harvest at the business park not far from the Casa where they have about 20 trees. But I wanted to pass on the tradition by planting our own "fake plum" as Sweet Man calls it. The jam is Oma Linda's Plum Crazy and we treasure every last bite. 

So that's what's been happening here. Put on a coat and go out and get the garden ready.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for the craft supplies. Just click on the link button on the side of my blog.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Post number 900 and Happy April my lovelies..............

Happy first day of April.

I love April, besides being my birth month, it is the time of practical jokes....(watch out Cuckoos), planting of seeds for the garden, cleaning up leftover winter fallderall and the gateway to outdoor activities. This is the month of getting ready's.

There have been many, many Aprils that contained snowstorms, when I was a kid. One year I had an outdoor birthday party planned for me by my Mom. I was to have 5 friends for hot dogs, chips, root beer floats and a pink iced angel food cake on the picnic table in the backyard. She even bought streamers and hats and a fancy paper tablecloth with matching napkins with Little Lulu on them. If you don't know who Little Lulu was I've included an image here. But when I woke up on the day of the was snowing. The wet mushy, not gonna last but is going to drench everything kinda snow. Instead of just setting up the dining room and having the party move indoors, my Mom called everyone and cancelled my party.
This is what Sweet Man says I looked like as a kid. 

Mom didn't want her wall to wall carpeting messed up by 7 year olds and so my sister and her new baby came over and we had cake. Kinda not the birthday party of my dreams. We used those napkins for what seemed like forever. And every time we used them, my Mom would say, "isn't this better than one celebration"? Uh, no. But as a kid I didn't see the practical side of things like she did. Hell, as an adult I didn't see the practical side of life, as she called it. My Mom wasn't what you would call the warm and fuzzy type, but she did the best she could with what she had.

For some folks birthdays are a big deal and I sorta envy them. Me, not so much . I always tuned my expectation meter way, way back after that year. That way, I wouldn't be disappointed. Funny how we adapt to our surroundings and do the best we can with what we've been given. I learned early on, if you don't think it's gonna be there, then if it is, you're pleasantly surprised, if it isn't then no harm, no foul.

I have my daughter to thank for the best birthday party I every had. Shelley planned my 'lordy, lordy, Linda's forty', birthday bash. She invited everyone we knew. It was amazing. And truly, the party was a surprise that she even wanted to do so. I had never ever spoken of my lack of birthday celebratory attitude. If it was remembered at all by my family, it was low keyed when she was a little kid and I know that she looked on and wondered why.
and that was a long time ago................

All of Shelley's birthdays, on the other hand, were like 'let's find a barn and put it on a show', akin to the Little Rascals, or Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland movie extravaganza's. And you don't need a degree in psychology to figure that one out. Much like my need to decorate for every holiday or event and Celebrate Oz, I always wanted Shelley to look back and think, "wow that was awesome".

So onward and upward. Sorry didn't mean to get bogged down in stuff.

So this is my 900th post. Been blogging now for one month shy of 5 years. Doesn't seem that long. Didn't think I had this much stuff to talk about. But I did. Or at least I published the thoughts.

So, to celebrate the 900 and April, I am going to gather together a herd, a flock, a gaggle of arting supplies which will include but will not be limited to scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, general crafts, sequins, buttons, beads, findings, fabric, and whatever else will fit in the large size postal box and send it to the winner of the 900th blog giveaway. All you need do is: comment on this post and let me know if you want to be entered (that's one entry), post the giveaway picture on your blog or facebook page (that's another entry) and that's it. Slicker than snot, right?????? Ewwww, I guess I got a little carried away huh?

I'm hoping that by doing this pass it forward to someone else, I will inspire myself to get with it and create some new and fun things. If you have an idea for me and think it might inspire me to create something and send me a link (that's another entry). See how tricky this olde broad is??????

I'll be drawing the winner on April 9th..............good luck my lovelies.

My next post will be about the straw bales and pictures of the "to be" garden and bed. It's getting exciting now that I've spread the ........fertilizer and nitrogen to break down the you thought I was gonna say something else.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

Friday, March 28, 2014

The winners of Glinda's Shoe Emporium sample color cards are................

First I have to say to you that I took no pictures of the drawings. My lovely daughter Shelley came home from work and sat down to chat and I wrote down the names, cut them up according to Hues of Red, Silver and Black and she pulled out the winners from the bed of the red toy pickup truck we keep in the center of the dining room table. Just one of those let's cut corners days.

Anyway, winner of the Dorothy Slipper in the many Hues of Red is Magaly.

The winner of the Glinda Slipper in the many Hues of Silver is Rhissana.

And the winner of the Wicked Slipper in the many Hues of Black is Stacy.

Ladies, congratulations, I am so pleased to be able to announce this and also will be glad to get the slippers in the mail to you as soon as I get your addresses.

Thank you all for entering the drawing, participating in the Hues of Oz and leaving such warm and fun comments.

It is official.......Celebrate Oz 2014  Hues of Oz has reached it's conclusion and now it is time to enjoy our spring, summer, fall and winter fun, but watch for a notice right after New Years 2015 with the date for Celebrate Oz 2015, goddess willing and the creek don't rise.

Smoohes and Squoozes, Gnoma Linda and our visiting celebrity Glinda the Good shoe shoppe diva.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A skewed view of gardening.......and other endeavors.......

Well lovelies, you know what they say about the well laid plans of Oma's and men.......sometimes you win, sometimes the feed store is out of strawbales.

Who woulda thunked that so many others would want straw bales for gardens or fences or houses all in the merry month of March....soon to be April???? I guess it's a case of being on the cutting edge of the popular thing again. Seems like every time I catch a good idea, it's actually a case of me catching the ebbing edge of the current event. I was told by one feed store that I would have to wait until May to get some because his supplier hadn't cut straw yet and by another feed store that said I was too late for his supplier because they had already cut as soon as it got warm enough. ??????????????

these photos are from pinterest
So my lovely daughter asked some of her regulars at the restaurant and one guy said he could have some for her today. But that they would have to do the transfer of bales in the parking lot because he had to deliver the rest guessed it, one of the other feed stores. And by the way, we don't have a truck, so she put down all the seats in the Explorer XL, put in a drop cloth and will be coming home from work with as many as they can get in the suv. I'm thinking maybe 6 which is about 1/3 of what we had orginally planned on. Oh well, when you look at the gift horse you need to smile and be grateful, right?

So on Monday instead of moving bales, we moved the front patio furniture to the back yard and vice versa. I know, you're scratching your head and saying, "but Oma why?" And my answer would be: "because".
this is also included, just because I can
Our front patio faces east. Our back yard patio faces west. In the middle of summer, if we go out to grill for dinner, we can't even touch the handle of the bbq grill because it is already a million degrees and sitting out at the patio table can only be achieved in the morning hours. I've wanted to try the grill and table in the front patio for a long time (cuz us girls are like that, logical, practical and crazy). So my number one, Ms. Shelley and I went about "making it so".

We have our comfy patio couch, chairs and coffee table set on the back porch now where in the morning, I can curl up with my paperwhite kindle, tea and watch the dogs run like crazy beasties, enjoy the birds and the back flowerbeds......and the soon to be new "bed" for veggies. I also found that we had an old patio chair that will make a perfect bed for strawberries.

In the afternoon, on the front patio, I can fire up the grill and make better use of cooking all the gret food we love from the grill, where it is shady. I can also set the table for dining al fresco and not get heat stroke. For me it is a win/win.

For Sweet Man however, although he goes along with things, he knits his brow and shakes his head. On this adventure in Linda ese, I asked if it reminded him of his childhood and he said yes, way too much.

When he was a youngster, the oldest of 8 children, (yes, I often say out loud what you are thinking....something along the lines of really???? or what were they thinking???), his Dad, because he was who he was and the necessity to keep the kids outta his hair, would have the older ones dig up the sod from the backyard and put it in the spots needing help in the front yard. Then they would plant a new lawn in the backyard....the only yard the kids were allowed to play upon, which makes no sense at all but hey, you woulda have to have known the stubborn old coot. It was an exercise in futility as far as Sweet Man was concerned and thus he grew up hating all yard work, home repair and honey do's. Or so the story goes, you know yada, yada, yada. any port in the storm.

So there have been many times in our forty something year long marriage that if I wanted something done.....I'd just do it myself. That in and of itself could be a bone of contention to some folks but I just know it's the way it is and kinda giggle when I ask him to help and there is generally a pained look and "very good reason" why we either ought to wait, ignore it, or he has something else that needs to be done first. Bwahahahaha. Like I don't know that song and dance. Heck I bought the teeshirt, and wore it out and learned that dance a helluva long time ago. Over it.

So Shelley my partner in crime and I generally do what we do when we want to do it. But this time was kinda funny when he came home and for reals the yards had switched places. Tee hee. That's how the olde folks at home prank each other around here.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Catching up with the Cuckoos..............

Whew, another fantastic Celebrate Oz is in the rear view now. Like all good things, the anticipation is so exhilarating and the ending is so.....empty and the relief that comes when the responsibility is finito it is glorious.

But there is always next year.

I swear to you, I got so many more lovely comments both here and on my facebook about all the wonderful folks participation in Hues of Oz. So many clever and insightful posts. So many wonderful prizes and stories to read. Wow, ya done it again lovelies. Thanks. It was so much fun.

So Saturday morning dawned and the Cuckoos began the work, work, work of getting ready for our newest endeavor in gardening. First we had to finish the front yard cleanup. Sweet Man lead the charge as we went to battle the Ponderosa Pine tree and it's messy winter crop of fallen needles. 6 bags of needles alone. Of course the tree is 50 years old. Big ole mamma jamma. We have rock in our front yard. Yeah for those of you who live where Mother Nature waters your lawns, uh I stand in amazement. We put in landscaping rock when we moved into this house because we had a choice, lawn and the water bill or food. I love cook so we chose to rock the front yard. And it's all good. There is only one house on the whole block that still has a lawn and it is only a small percentage of what it used to be. Drought does that to ya.

Anyway it took us less than two hours to complete the task. The grands have gotten very good at these outside jobs now and when we finished we all had that really good feeling of accomplishment. Ry said he was now a master cleaner upper. Uh, well maybe outside his room but inside, not so much.

GK was phoneless for the two hours and was still breathing and walking and everything. Shock and wonder. She really has gotten much better since she (as she puts it) "got dumped by that loser". Yes, sportsfans, the romance of the century has come to an end. Thanks be to the universe. GK came away with many, many lessons learned and is back to her happy little snarky bird self. It is a real joy.

So on Sunday, I bought them tickets to the Coffee and Chocolate show. Shelley and the kids went and came back with all kinds of fun stories and some really good chocolate. They had a super time and even made a visit to the flea market. Made it back with some band merch as GK but it. T-shirts and other finely aged junk.

Then we all got busy out in the backyard making way for our strawbale garden. It our first attempt at this gardening approach. Set up strawbales, ply them with nitrogen and water for a couple of weeks to get them ready to receive soil, manure and plants. The bales serve as a composting water holding medium for all sorts of plants and should last two seasons in our area. It's worth a shot. The weeding is at a minimum, the bales make it high enough for me to tend, you can plant earlier because of the bales themselves keeping temperature and I don't have to watch Sweet Man kill himself to till the soil. All that is positive enough to encourage us to give it a try. Plus we all love fresh veggies so much.

Last year I bought GK an old full size bed at a yard sale. It is pretty far gone. And after we looked it over we decided it was going to be way too much effort to make it look like she wanted it so we bagged that idea and left it to sell at our garage sale. Then Shelley and I were planning what we would sell and decided that it was perfect for a "garden bed". We also have an orphan side table that we are going to set up next to it and have an outdoor light (already here) so the plants will have a night light (on a timer). And thus was born our nutty idea of using the bed to house bales of straw and our salsa garden. I'll take pictures as soon as we go get our bales and begin the set up.

Today is that day. As soon as Shelley gets out of work, we're off to get our bales and begin our next nutty adventure. Poor Sweet Man is just shaking his head and acting like he has other things to do. Can you blame him???????

So we have been busy with work, work, fun. Maybe not so good for joints and muscles but great for thinking about heirloom tomatoes, chocolate bell peppers, black jalapenos, and all the other organic veggies we hope to be stuffing our faces with this summer. Oh yeah, Cinderella pumpkins (lumpy green ones) and Moon and Stars watermelon (rind is dark with yellow spots) too. If we still have enough um pa pa after we finish the "garden bed" and the set up for squash and beans etc, we will go for another bunch (or do you call them a herd?) of bales and set up a corn growing section on the south side of the house. The great thing about this system, you can even garden on top of concrete.

Wish us luck and I'll see you at the end of the week for the announcement of the winner of the Hues of Oz shoe cards. Smooches and squoozes, Oma Linda, head Cuckoo at the Casa

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome to Celebrate Oz 2014...........Hues of Oz

Make sure that you look on my sidebar for a list of links to this years participants in all things Oz and the colors that inspired us all to share this adventure with you.

I want to thank each of the participants who signed on to the fun. And I want to thank my family for once again indulging me in my mania and love of Oziness to the max.

So enjoy and Celebrate all that is Oz.

Glinda's Emporium of Shoes in Hues you will not forget.......

I have been in this location with my shoe shop for almost 80 years. I bought the place and the equipment from a munchkin cobbler named Obscar De Larent. Not long after we had the visit from the first Dorothy, I knew the times "they were a changing" and I would need to make my way as more than just the benign and sparkly caretaker of the Munchkins and sorceress of good. I sold my home on the beginning of the yellow brick road and came to the Emerald city to begin anew.

Once WWotW was melted, witches were not on the sought after list in the countryside for much more than a novelty. That whole nasty mess changed every one's life here in the Land of Oz. We now must have a right to carry permit for any water bucket with us at all times. 

Now, mind you, I'm not complaining. Anyway, I made good use of the work force that was out of work, namely the flying monkeys, and began to replicate shoes of the times. Mine, Elphaba and Ms. Dorothy were my first attempts. Little did I know that Dorothy would be my very best sales rep in the Land of Kansas and beyond. Who would have thought that by her going "home" and telling of her adventures that I would be a self made woman on copies of her ruby slippers alone.

I have had some of the most wonderful guest designers visit here in Oz since we opened the portal to the real world. Wish I would have been the one to think of that lucrative endeavor. I do so envy the Scarecrow and Lion. Their partnership has blossomed to the extent that both are now catrillionaires. But they worked very hard to change their appearance and blend in when they visited the real world and I just couldn't have pulled that off. It's very hard to hide sparkly. Their merchandising of all things Oz and their savvy partnering with writers, movie studios, musicians and toy makers was exactly the thing that brought them fame and of course you can't skip over, fortune.

We were all given the opportunity to buy into their beginning endeavors and I saw that my shoe business would also grow if I was to associate myself with their conglomerate. I am so glad I did. It's very nice to see people, just ordinary people having fun with my shoes. And we have created so many more styles. Most of the more bizarre designs ended up in New York, Paris, Rome and Hong Kong. But what is one witches "bizarre" is another woman's "have to have". It is an Oz wide and a world wide success.

I do feel rather bad for The Tinman though. He was so responsible and caring and just a little short sighted. Poor dear just thought that governing The Emerald city would be all he ever needed, once the Wizard, that old charlatan, left us with no leader. 

I'm not saying that he isn't doing well, but he is on his 7th term as the Grand Leader of Oz and it's beginning to tell on his shine. Why, just last week at luncheon, he confided that he must find a replacement soon. Certainly within the next decade or so. He said maybe one the Winkie commanders would be the best choice. I suggested that maybe Dorothy's great grandson would do a fair job provided he was given an opportunity with an internship in the government. Well, that will be entirely up to The Tinman and his advisers when the time comes.

So where was I????? Oh yes, I was looking through my old catalogs and colors chips and came across some of the very first I ever produced to send to the real world. They are a little crude but I thought you might like to see what we used to offer before the Internet took over our business and all ordering is done online.

"The Wicked One" comes in the most wonderful hues of darkness. They include: Ebony, Raven, Midnight, Shoe Button, Witch Hat, Broom Exhaust, Dark Castle Gloom, Heartless and Melted (the original).

The "Ruby Slipper" comes in Rosy Cheek, Hourglass Sand, Ruby Sparkles, Poison Poppy, Evil Apple, Heart's Desire, Scarlet Smoke, Merry Olde Red and If I only had a Heart.

And my very own "Glinda" comes in Sterling, Tinman's Axe, Sparkling Water, Pearlized Pewter, Slip of Moonlight, Glittering Nugget, Deep Well Water, Snowdrift Shadow, Silver Lining and the original Shining Bubble.

Our most popular shoe which is constantly sold out is our "Horse of Many Color" slipper that goes with any outfit.

I've given Oma Linda permission to give these sample cards away for this lovely little Celebration of Oz. All you need to is comment here saying which of the sample cards you would like. The drawing for the winners of these cards will be on March 28th and the winners announced on March 29th. Good Luck to all of you and I hope that you will go and visit all the other participant's blogs to see what wonderful Hues of Oz they have come up with. Just look at the list on the sidebar.

Remember my darlings, you've always had the power. (as she floats away in her bubble..................)

Thank you to all of you who participating and to those of you who came to see what Hues of Oz is all about. This has been a wonderful adventure down the Yellow Brick Road. The best year yet. So until next year...........Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda