Monday, August 31, 2015

And lookie what I found on my gate this afternoon.............................

Mr. Tin Man himself.

I do believe in goodness, I do, I do

I found a card with the man's name on it and his number. I called we talked I thanked him for his generosity and now all my cans will be saved for George the TinMan maker. How cool is life????

xoxo Oma Linda

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Follow up to the Yard Sale and other thoughts...................

Well it's Sunday Morning and we are all still kicking, some more than others. I had forgotten what hard physical work hauling the stuff out and back in really is. We did okay money wise. And we scored big time on the funny folks who visited our driveway.

Had all the same old characters except they were different people. You know. The grumpy ones, the silly ones, the too friendly ones and the ones that just want you to give them everything for nothing so they can go to the flea market and sell it at a good profit margin for themselves. Don't get me wrong, I get that but really? It the same old madness, new junk.

The wonderful parts now. Having dinosaurs and pirate ships to sell and watching little boys swoon and figure out which one (or two) they can buy and have a magickal adventure. Or for that matter the grandparents who have the same sweet happy faces as they purchase dolls or dragons to give to their grandchildren and the long conversations about how lovely it is to be a grandparent. Or the young families who come and get just the right shelf or knick knack or utensil for their homes.

I never charge what I set out to get. I always let my heart dictate the advantage of knowing we've blessed someone else by not taking advantage of them. And the next curmudgeon comes along and it turns out they just needed to talk to some one for a moment and they end up buying something on a whim.

There was a jolly Hispanic gentleman who came up with a smile that told it all. He was at peace within himself. I had saved huge tomato cans for goodness knows what, we have used them for one of everything and I had about 20 of them in a couple of boxes. He asked the price. I told him 50 cents a piece or if he took a whole box then 1 dollar. He came over to me gave me a $5 and said he would take both boxes. I tried to give him the change but he insisted he was happy giving me that amount no change necessary. Then he came back after loading the cans in his truck and said he would be back with my "tin man" later in the week. I was in shock. He makes tin men out of the restaurant size cans, I've seen his work at Old Town in a shop there. I told him how crazy I am about The Wizard of Oz and how delightful it would be to have one of his creations. And then what he said gave me goose bumps. He said, "I could tell that you had the Tin Man's heart by the way you treated me, mucho gusto".

something like this one I found on Google search
I don't know if he will really be back but his words and his grace were the gift I will always treasure. From my church days, I will forever remember a passage from Genesis 12:12. "Blessed to be a blessing".

Every day. Being nice matters and it always will. Gerea and I both cried at what he had said. It's a good thing to be a nice person.

And so, at noon on Saturday, we put our orphans and leftovers in boxes and drove them to ReTail, the Animal Humane Societies thrift store, put our tables away and called it happy.

I will have another yard sale. This one will be for fabric and craft items and be in October sometime. So now begins the great gleaning of years of hoarding fabric. I fear the saying that the one with the most fabric wins, is a false one. I must let go of years of buying cottons, upholstery fabric and trimmings.  I'm even going to be selling some of my vintage buttons, and notions. There's only so much time for such things. I am going to re open my Etsy shop OmaLinda's Boondoggle Emporium and list some of the vintage things. So I'll let you know when, in case you might use some of the pretties for arting things.

I'm tired but happy that once again I put myself out there with real live people and experienced life. I shall endeavor to do that more often.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

Friday, August 28, 2015

2nd on the "I'll never do this again" list..................

Since the grands and Shelley moved in with us, we have been fighting the never ending battle ...... our house does not magically expand just because we want it to do so. And that means we've had to do some serious ("this is serious", from The Wonder Pets) declutter and give away. As painful as that is. We're on about our 4th go around doing this. But I feel like we've accomplished our task this time. It just feels lighter around here. Less crap, more air to breathe.

I've put myself in the kitchen cubby hole to craft but haven't crafted because.....well I feel claustrophobic.....go figure and I haven't had the inspiration to do anything. But ya know, I've got this huge dining room table where we all gather and I can spread out there, it's only a few steps from the cubby hole. So I've made peace with that.

The grands switched bedrooms and that was an occasion that provided an opportunity to glean. Toys that aren't gonna be played with, aren't of sentimental value and just plain ole done, are all ready to live somewhere new.

We usually give all our cast offs to my friend Verna's favorite pet charity "The Oscar Foundation" but as we were doing the big clean out of not only the house but the garage (oh my gawds what a hoarder I am). We pushed the garage door opener and it just buzzed at us. I think it actually stuck out it's tongue at us in abject shock. So we need to replace it and since the other garage door never had an opener we are aiming for the cost of two openers as the end product of our clean out. And then all the wonderful mess that is left over will go to TOF.

Some neighbors who are involved in 4H coordinated a Community Yard Sale today and tomorrow. So despite my aversion to yard sales, yep that's what I'll be doing for the next two days. I can play the Ernie and Bert cooperation game from Sesame Street. These folks that are coming to the Community Yard Sale are so lucky I'm on medication. Rude just blossoms at these events.....but then again so do stories and shared experiences and "oh we used to have one of those".

Smooches and Squoozes,
Oma Linda

Thursday, August 27, 2015

What a difference a pill makes...................

You know how much I like the doctors I have had in the past.......not. And I have shared on Facebook but not here in the blogosphere that I have been in limbo about medical care for awhile.

Sweet Man decided in April that we could save some $400/month if we were to not partake of the health insurance at his employment and sign up for Medicare. He also decided to go ahead and take his Social Security and stay employed since he was 66. I'm thinkin' for the first time in ages that we will be able not only to make ends meet but pay off some things and put some money back.

So then I got the news from the Nurse Practitioner that I was seeing that their practice does not take Medicare of any kind. Oh great another change thinks I. The results of the tests that she had ordered showed I have a mass on one of my ovaries and so she ordered an MRI. Well when I showed up for the MRI, first they couldn't put me in the tube because of the torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders (I can't raise my arms up over my head any longer than just a couple of minutes). So I had to reschedule for a standing MRI. When I got to that appointment, I was told that the current insurance from Joe's employment didn't pay for "fancy" MRI's and I would have to pay $2700.00 up front. So needless to say I declined and thought well, I will just wait for the 1st of June when the Medicare begins. I mean it had to be less than $2700.00.

But I was in for a surprise. My Sweet Man has always been a great supporter of the family, loving husband and great Dad and Papa......but he isn't so good with filling out paperwork. He put the wrong dates on the Medicare application and we then began a 3 month song and dance with Social Security and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

When we finally got it all squared away, we were assigned the same primary care physician. SM thought she was a little cold and very business like. I thinking "oh shit, not another none caring butthead who just won't get me". Well like the old saying goes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I found the new doctor to be caring, intuitive and I'll agree she is to the point. I liked her as a person, immediately.

She saw my main problem as stress induced depression and indicated it as severe. Hmmmmm, wow. She prescribed Prozac. I swore I was never going to take anything like that again after my horrible experience coming off of Lexapro, but at that point I was crying all the time, not able to sleep, grouchier than usual and just ready to find the door with the exit sign. She saw that. She also prescribed a counselor for me and had me enroll in a senior stretching clinic where I can do easy exercises and be with my own kind.

She also addressed the growth on my ovary in a less nuclear bomb more shotgun approach by sending me to a OB/GYN, top one at the hospital. Got me an appointment in a rather quick manner by the middle of September. Dr. said that the Prozac wouldn't kick in for at least 10 days to 2 weeks, but I already feel the calm and the strangest thing has happened. My husband is funny again. I mean he really is. I am not so blinkin' upset all the time and he is at ease and I'm thrilled that we found each other again. I've missed us so much.

Now the other shoe......Joe was on vacation July 2 through July 20. He goes to work on Monday and then he came home on Tuesday in the middle of the day.......because the new owners of the company said they no longer needed his services. So there goes the paying off stuff and saving much of anything. But we got so much more to be happy about than money.

We are just so fortunate that the universe clued him in back in April that he needed to be getting his Social Security and that since he was let go, he also receives unemployment. Whew. His full time job has been to find work and that sometimes is crazy making but things are so, so, so much better around here.

What a difference a pill makes. It also does hurt anything to be pushed by the universe and just give in.

With all earnestness, Namaste
Oma Linda

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lightening and listening...............

I know everyone is experiencing strange weather. For us it's moisture when there should have been none and none when there should be some. We've have hail storms early, snow storms late and heat slightly sooner than expected. Strange cloud formations and then some regular old storm clouds that let your imagination run wild with high flying pigs and bunnies, a face or two for good measure and delightful rain smell, which we all know is not the rain but the plants sending out their aromas of expectation.

My grands and I have for most of their lives enjoyed the sound of rain and the accompanying thunder from our summer time vantage point, the old porch swing. This summer we have had to take refuge in the house during our storms because of the severity of the lightening strikes. There was even a traffic accident just two streets over from us when a lightening strike hit one of the sycamore trees that line that Blvd. I guess the driver overcompensated upon the loud kaboom and ended up going the wrong direction in their lane.

That particular kaboom sent GK and Ry as well as the animals all rushing into this old lady's lap. Now, granted there is a whole lotta lap but not enough for 7 at one time.

We have had the greenest grass, the most strawberries, peaches and weeds ever and more humidity than usual. But all in all the summer was very happy and productive.

We moved Ms. GK into the back bedroom and white ruffled up the joint. We moved Ry into GK's old smaller bedroom and he's happy as a clam. Joe and I have succeeded in cleaning out the mess and un needed from every room in the house. And now we will take pictures of some of the "extra" furniture and attempt to sell it on Craigslist.

Joe had vacation for 18 days in July, went back on a Monday and came home Tuesday having been told that his position was no longer available. So at 66 he has been looking for employment for the 3 weeks. To be real honest.....if he doesn't find something to do soon..................I'm gonna loose what is left of my sanity. Joe is one of those people who must have a purpose or he'll take on mine. And then the hissing and spitting begins. You know, I am fully capable of running a household, driving a car, making meals and making decisions but it's like I've dumbed down quite a bit lately.......NOT.

Pray for him, send him some good energy and me some valium.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

And the universe said, NOW

I feel like I want to retell this story to you because I still get goose bumps knowing that the sometimes you actually get to see Karma working while you're still around to appreciate it.

Shelley and the adorable Ry guy
Shelley my beautiful and tenacious daughter has for almost 7 years been a hardworking, loyal employee for "friends" who hired her for a waitress job before she even got back here from South Carolina. She has had maybe 5 Saturdays off in those 7 years. She has worked many a 6 day week and also did extras for the restaurant and her "friends". She has also missed many school activities because she could not get off work to go and see the kids perform, present etc. She and the kids would house sit for the owner and his wife Shannon when they closed down the restaurant (so the waitresses got no pay or tips) and the "friends" never offered to pay her for her time.

And the hard work had begun to wear on her and her spirit. I'm sure in her heart of hearts she was hoping for something else to come along......I know I was.

The beginning of April the owner of the restaurant was contacted by the local paper and said that they were going to do a piece on the restaurant. The day of the photo shoot and interview happened to be the day that Shelley washed dishes not waited tables. The reason she even started washing dishes was a year and a half ago the bosses wife (her friend) had cut her hand really badly and Shelley just jumped in to help. It meant she would miss out on tips but she loved her friends but they never hired a dish washer either.

Anyway, back to that day. Shelley was in the back when the photographer and reporter came in. She walked out front to make sure that all was going well, since she also was the restaurant manager, to see the photographer taking photos everyone else. The other waitress was kind enough to introduce Shelley to the reporter who was getting ready to leave. Her boss was back in the kitchen and made no mention of Shelley being a part of Mick's. And joked with her saying, why would the paper want to take a picture of the Friday dish washer. After all, for all these years he has told her that she was what held the business together, she was his partner, his rock, his head waitress....the Shellster. And yet he couldn't even include her in the biggest advertisement of his restaurant ever had. Yes, she did get her feelings hurt but kept it to herself. What good would making a big deal out of it do?

A week later the article came out and that morning the restaurant was slammed. There was even a wait for a table. It was a giant mess, so Shelley came out from the back and helped wait tables and run the register. It was utter chaos. At one of the tables Shelley waited on was a couple that she knew from before she moved to SC. It, in fact, was her former boss and his wife at a mortgage company where she had worked. They got to talking and he asked her how long she had been back, you know the normal chit chat. But when they went to the register to pay, he asked if she might be interested in coming back to work for him as a closer because he and his wife had been talking about what a fabulous employee she had been and since the lending industry is coming back strong they certainly could use a good worker and knowledgeable employee like her. They set up an appointment for that week for an interview.

The interview went very well. They hired her on the spot. She said she had to give her employer 2 weeks notice and would begin in 2 1/2 weeks, giving herself a couple of days to catch her breath before the change. Being honorable, the next day, she told Mick, her boss, that she had been given a really good opportunity to make more money and provide better for she and the kids. She said she would stay the two weeks and help him train a new waitress and that jerk told her to just get her ungrateful ass out of his restaurant which of course meant no money for the bills that she had. But our income tax refund came in that Tuesday and Bob is someone's auntie.

Now I thought maybe he was hurt by her leaving. Or maybe he just acted out of anger and would think it over. Oh he did. He forbid his wife to have anything to do with Shelley.....the Shellster, the person who was loyal to her last day. And talked bad about her to anyone who would listen.

But the story is a delightful one in the Karma logs. His business has gone down the proverbial flusher. Seems as though the regulars came in for the cheap meal but they also came in for the cute, red headed darling who made them feel welcome, appreciated and in so many of their texts and emails to her after she was thrown out......a really great person to know. And since said cutie is no longer there......neither are they. The restaurant has cut back hours and there is a for lease sign in the window. She has declined to join in the backlash or bad mouthing and I am so proud of her.

I trust that Ms. Karma will continue to show Mick that being a dick never pays off.

She loves her new job. Is now approaching her 90 days when she will get a handsome boost in income. Her new bosses were shocked how fast she re-caught on to procedures and has closed more than 50 million in loans for the company so far. Whew, she's a phenom. But then I am a proud old bird. Her kids are thrilled that she is not quite so tired when she comes home. Her smile now, that was missing in her arsenal of affection, is back and could knock your socks off. She is very proud of herself and looking forward to the future and has left the waitress job behind. As she says it was a great life experience but one she is so glad to have in her rear view mirror.

Part of the adventures at Casa de Cuckoo since May.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I have been gone from all of you, far too long

So much has happened in the land of the Cuckoos since May.

I'll catch you up slowly in the next few weeks.

The grands are going back to school soon and I will have more time (I hope) to share with you some wonders, some tears and some revelations.

I found this photo of myself at GK's age while going through some things in yet another game of "let's clean up this mess".

I was sitting in my brother and sister in law's kitchen of their first home. The year was 1964. Picture quality was and yellow. Took it to PicMonkey and messed with it and got it to a state of black and white.

GK's remark upon seeing the photo was, "well there ya go, that's where my chin came from".

I've missed you all.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

Friday, May 22, 2015

Not the least bit entertaining but.........

In truth that's exactly how I have felt about writing in this blog for some time now. But I decided that if it was only for myself to vent or get "stuff" out of my head or heart, then it was worth it. I used to think I was in "business" here in blogdom to entertain. And in all modesty, I think we, the Cuckoos, have done so, for the past 5.9 years that the kiddos have been back here.

But now, well, I update you on their activities and that's about it. Haven't crafted in so long. Haven't created a fun anything either. The grands and end of school year have been my only activities. Not that that is bad because without their activities and all, I would be without focus most days.

Today is the first day of summer break. Ry will be starting middle school in the fall and GK will be a sophomore. He had his 5th grade graduation and she got an award in her art class. You remember, the teacher who calls her Carrot Cake because someone else thought that's what he said when he called her name (GereaKaye, pronounced like Sara). He and his wife, her science teacher are both really fond of Carrot Cake and at the awards ceremony that is what he called her to come up to the stage and get the most promising rising star award. Both the grands have summer activities so that should keep me busy.
Fun time at the 5th grade graduation. Ry is right smack dap in the middle back row behind the girl in a rose shirt

Ry and his favorite teacher, Ms. L
But I must tell you that my health has been keeping me busy with hospital, doctor appointments, fighting with my insurance and trying to keep all the appointments. I had bronchitis again and also a severe bladder infection. The nurse practioner put me on high powered antibiotics, yet again, and sent me to get an ultrasound. She was looking for something in my pelvic region. Bingo, they found something and she sent me in for an MRI. I got an approval number and a case number, but (get this) my insurance wasn't going to pay a penny for it. I was in shock. After roughly 40 years of paying premiums monthly at an average of $300/mo....doing the math $144,000........and they can't pay for an MRI???? Oh stars.

Anyway, SweetMan and I took it upon ourselves (cuz really who else would) and he is going to start drawing his social security and we are both going on Medicare and a supplement. We have to. I can't afford to pay $2500.00 for an MRI when on this supplement insurance  will pay $50 for an MRI. I have never taken anything from the government, but I guess I need to now and in a way I feel weird. But I would like to live a few years longer and getting the MRI and whatever this thing is that is growing inside me out is my target right now. Not that I look forward to the surgery.

So I have been preoccupied with that crapee' for the last two months. Sorry lovelies. I am looking forward to getting on down the road and on the mend for reals.

xoxo Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The girl is 15 today.............

For the past 15 years I have looked forward to Cinco de Mayo for a whole other reason than most who celebrate the day with margaritas and enchiladas. I was made a grandma on this day for the first time. Four years later I got the best birthday present ever when Mr. Ry was born.

way back when they all were just puppies
Grands birthdays are an excuse to look back at the fun we've had and look forward and ponder what their lives might be. GK is finishing her first year in high school. Gosh has this been a year of change for her. More independence, more responsibility and a new appreciation for what she needs to accomplish in order to get to goals that are set by her Mom and Sweet Man and I.

GK's 4th BD
I had a brother and sister but we were separated by 13 and 14 years so I never had the kind of relationship with them that Ry and GK have. It is the biggest blessing and curse to see them interact as close siblings. They fight and laugh just as hard as any two people could. They know each others triggers and tickle spots. But the love and nurturing that Ms. GK exhibits to her brother will forever make me look at the two of them in awe and appreciation for the good kids they are. And lately, because she has had teenage hurts in her life, Ry has had the opportunity to return some of that nurturing to his big sis.

neither one of them looks too happy in this photo.....distracted
Their Mom has done such a beautiful job of expecting her children to be respectful, courteous, truthful and responsible. They are kind to all who deserve their respect and most of the time find it in their hearts to be good to even those that don't deserve it. They make an Oma proud.

Ry is going into middle school this year. GK took the day off from school to accompany her Mom to his potential new charter school to check it out and give it the Big Sister seal of approval. Both Shelley and GK were thrilled to find out that teachers and the principal are familiar to them from GK's old school and since some of his favorite teachers from his current school will be teaching at this new school next year, they are comfortable with the transition from elementary school to middle school that he will be making.

Shelley begins her new job tomorrow so she and GK are spending the "hooky day" off to do their girl things together. Hair, nails and Mom and daughter time.

my beautiful daughter
Shelley will be starting a new chapter in her life today. I am so glad she is back at a job that has potential for advancement. She worked for 6 years as a waitress and it began to drag her down but that's a Karma story for another day. She is thrilled at the new possibilities. The change in hours will be drastic for us as a family but........onward and upward, as they say.

Anyway, back to the birthday girl.

just one of the half a million selfies she has taken
Happy Birthday to the best granddaughter in the world. To the one person who can get away with bitchin' me out and making me laugh while she does it. The one person who can break my heart with just a look of those gorgeous root beer colored eyes and melt my heart when she still sits in my lap and shows me something that is important to her. Thank you G for always being willing to learn something new with me and teach me more about life all the time. We are all so very proud of you. And I am the luckiest Oma in the world.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Now who can have an Oz tea party????????????

Before I disclose the winner of the sugar and creamer, I want to share some interesting information I've gleaned since I read through the 75th anniversary Readers Digest magazine that April gifted me for my birthday. The magazine is filled with all manner of tidbits of information about the production of the movie and the actors.

First I will share this comment left by Chubby Chatterbox. You're such a fan that you probably know the story about Frank Morgan (the actor playing OZ) and the coat he wore in the movie? He selected the coat at random in an MGM warehouse and when he got it home he noticed the tattered label inside: F. Baum.

But in fact, I didn't know that. I think that is very cool.

Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch of the West, got burned in an accident in the scene where WWW is departing Munchkinland after not being able to get the "shoes". She was to stand on a trap door and disappear in the big burst of red smoke, but the trap door didn't open and the flash burn of the smoke burned her. From that time on during filming she wouldn't be near fire. She refused to do the close up shots on the sky writing scene. Her double for that shot was severely burned during the filming of that scene. Hmmmmmmmm, she and the Scarecrow shared the fear of fire. Sounds like they both had good reason.

Also the green makeup used actually stained her skin green. Even after the production ended, she still had a green cast to her skin for weeks. Another makeup snafu was with the original actor chosen to play the Tinman. Buddy Epstein had a horrible reaction to the makeup and couldn't play the part. 

And the one I really enjoyed reading about was the dog that played Toto. Terry was a female cairn terrier whose former owners took her to a trainer because she had too many accidents on the carpet. They never went back to get her. The trainer, Carl Spitz, found Terry to be a very bright and cooperative pup and said she was easy to train. Terry was in at least 11 movies over the years and was always considered a pet on her off time from the movies. Judy Garland fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her after Oz but Mr. Spitz considered her a member of his family and declined Ms. Garlands request. So Terry was a rescue dog.

I could go on forever about the "things" that happened while shooting the film but....I'll restrain myself.

Now, as to the winner of the Wizard of Oz creamer and sugar bowl. Ry was up watching cartoons so he did the draw and the winner is, Debi of Easel and Quill. Must have been the wish that you and I would have tea together someday that put the mojo on the little slip of paper with your name. Congratulations to you. Just send me your address and I'll package up your winnings.

Thanks to all who entered, participated and made Celebrate Oz - Shadows of Oz such a fun time.

Also, Sunshineshelle asked me to do the draw for her giveaway of the painting of the Winged Monkey and a Dorothy button. Once again Ry was the picker outter and he pulled Stacy of Magic Love Crow as the lucky winner of the giveaway. I have to say.....I'm jelly.

Congrats Ms. Stacy. 

xoxo Oma Linda

xoxo Oma Linda 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

And life went on after Oz................

At the same time that I was basking the afterglow of yet another fun and wonderful Oz celebration, there was other exciting things going on here at Casa de Cuckoo.

Shelley, Ry and G went to the Autism Run on Saturday morning. They were to dress up like a super hero. G and Ry made capes. It's so great that they do things like this together. The got lots of good information, shared the fun with others they knew and got to raise some money for Autism programs. They came home chattering away about all the fun they had.

little brother had to get in on the photo too
Later in the afternoon Ms. G was getting ready for Prom. She looked so pretty. All those years of her playing dress up flooded back into my mind when I saw her in her dress. She has always like to dress up.
never misses a chance to "do" a photo

She went with a friend. They both wanted to go but neither really had anyone they wanted to "date" for the evening, so they went together. Everything was done at the last minute. Buying the tickets, making the transportation arrangements, etc. As a matter of fact, the young man brought a friend of his because the other boy that was initially suppose to go couldn't at the last minute. So the two guys and G went together. Life has a way of playing tricks on you if you are not careful though.

G, her friend and his friend
The friend is a young man who's ex girlfriend is also an acquaintance of Ms. G's. This girl broke up with the young man back in November. But as 9th grade girls are prone to do, this girl made sure that drama was every one's companion that night. This silly girl threatened and insulted Ms. G and the young man, even though she knew they were going as "just friends". It didn't end on Saturday night either but continued at school on Monday.

Gerea is very capable of handling herself but was slightly confused and agitated by the whole drama of "yeah, I broke up with him but you can't be friends with him", thing. Also the two guys got jealous of each other over G that night. Teenagers are nutz.........

I was not surprised by the high drama and I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere for G. My advice to her was not to make herself smaller and slink around as though she had done something wrong, because she didn't. But rather, just be her big persona and ignore the pettiness. It's hard I know, but after all those years of dreading Prom time when I was working with teenagers because someone always had to drop a drama bomb on it, I keep assuring G that "this too will pass".

The whole incident also reminded me that I don't miss the drama of hormones and hi jinx I had to endure when I did work with those rotten beasties.

Thanks once again to all the lovelies who participated in Celebrate Oz and also to all of you who visited and commented. I'll draw the winner of the sugar and creamer set on Saturday morning. Good Luck. xoxo Oma Linda

Friday, April 10, 2015

Shadows of Oz, a Celebration of Oz 2015

When I first thought of the Shadows of Oz, I thought of them perhaps as characters in a story. Then my mind wandered to what would be lurking in the Shadows of Oz. But I just couldn't go there with my beloved Oz. While I have, like so many of you been startled as a child with the terror of the wicked witch and her relentless dogging of Dorothy and the others, as well as the melting end of said witch, along with the creepy trees in the forest, the dark feeling of the castle, it just wasn't the tone I think of when I look back on my impressions and fond memories of Oz.

I will forever be in the Shadows of Oz. Perhaps that's it, light being the creator of Shadow. The Light of Oz, without it there would be no shadow cast on my childhood and into my adulthood. Maybe Oz is such a dazzling source of light so bright a vision that the shadow of that light casts itself as the memories of all the hours spent reading, imagining and pretending that I am a part of the Land of Oz.

Reading the books and watching the Wizard of Oz is a part of who I am as a woman, wife, mother, Oma, friend and neighbor. I still want to join arms and skip down the yellow brick road. I still want to wander in the dark forest and find new creatures who can talk and interact with me. I still want to fly by being held by flying monkeys as transportation. I still want to be a friend to all who also have a heart granted them and influenced by the Wizard of Oz. That is a life changing shadow created by a wonderful warm and happy light.

Yes that's me "back in the day" being air lifted over Oz in a Paul Granger illustration

And you my lovelies are just that kind of friend.......thank you so much for 5 lovely years of Ozing. Thank you for all the friendships begun because of a shared love for Baum's stories, the forever best movie or all the modern adaptations of our beloved Ozian roots. It has been my joy to play along with you and with any luck at all, we will be joining together again to Celebrate Oz.

I have chosen for my giveaway a sugar and creamer set that comes in a collector's tin with great illustrations of Oz. Just leave a comment, tell me what you love so much about Oz and I'll be putting those names in a hat and choosing the winner on April 18. Oh and here's an extra bonus. If you can find out in which blog post of one of the other participants my face is part of their giveaway and come back and tell me, I'll give you 2 extra chances to win the collectors sugar and creamer set.

Good luck to you all.

Close your eyes, click your heels together and please go to the other contributors blogs listed in the right hand column and see what their thoughts are on the Shadows of Oz Celebration.

Ozian Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

Less than a day until.....................

Celebrate Oz 2015 - The Shadows of Oz.

I have double checked the blog addresses of the participants. I have everything ready for tonight at midnight. And I'm chomping at the bit to see what fun and fancy offerings there will be from all.

We're ready!!!!!!!

In other Route 66 birthday was very low keyed and so much fun. I sat back and enjoyed watching Ry open his Marvel(ous) gifts. And his Marvel(ous) cake. SpiderMan, Captain America, The Hulk and Iron Man all had their colors on Ry's birthday cake. So much fun.

Sweet Man and I got him some stuffies from one of his favorite games.....plants vs zombies. Mom and Sissy got him a couple of games, some boy barbies action figures and he was thrilled.

I got a new patio umbrella in a lovely shade of turquoise, a backyard rectangular umbrella for our seating area and a bottle tree form. As soon as I can set these up I'll show you our "haint" blue glass bottle tree and where we are going to relax this summer. I also got 2 new gnomes who will spice up the faery garden and a copy of the Reader's Digest "75 Years of America's Family Classic magazine.

Am I lucky or what that folks know just what I love????????????

See ya tomorrow lovelies,

Smooches and Squoozes

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break with the grands just whizzed past in a blur.........

Didn't think two weeks ago that I would be able to have any out of the house fun with the grands because of health constraints. But thank goodness I am now on some meds that make it possible to leave the house for a fair amount of time.

So knowing that, we decided to take a trip that Ms. GK had requested. She and Ry watched the movie "Young Guns" with Emilio Estevez, Kieffer Sutherland and other actors back when they were all just youngsters. It was filmed here in New Mexico and is about Billy the Kid. So we went on a Kid adventure to Lincoln NM where Sherrif Pat Garrett arrested and brought William Bonny to be tried for all his crimes during the Lincoln County Wars. There are bullet holes in the bottom of the stair case, supposedly put there by Billy the Kid himself as he escaped the courthouse and headed out of town to evade the "law" until they caught up with him in Fort Sumner, NM.

The Tunstall General Store has the same kind of fixtures that the General Store out at my grandfather's ranch had. It's interesting when I think of my relatives being in close proximity to the whole Lincoln county wars. There are family stories of being in the area when The Kid and the Regulators came riding through either running from or chasing the "bad guys". Sure makes the whole tale of William Bonney more real.

Lincoln is about 3 hours southeast of here and going the back roads lends itself to the historical attitude of the adventure. Lots of beautiful scenery, particularly in the spring. Both of the grands studied New Mexico history in 4th grade and Ms. G again in 8th grade. So there was lots to discuss about the area in which we were driving. There is a huge lava flow, gypsum flats, red, yellow and white striated rock formations and all the mesquite, red willow and yuccas you could ever want to see. It also helped that Sweet Man and I took many a trip on the route when we transported and escorted teenagers to church camp some 25 years ago. All in all the trip was so much fun.

But there is always a surprise when traveling with the grands. GK had seen a video on Youtube with a little girl standing and watching a flock of snow geese. Here is a link to that video:   The little girl says, "look at all them chickens".  Every time we would go past a herd of cows, the grands would say, "look at all them chickens". You know how kids are, if something was funny the first two times they said it, then surely to goodness it will be hilarious 92 times later.

So on the way back, Sweet Man, stopped on the side of the road, near a group of mama cows and the most adorable calves. Then he said, yep you guessed it....."look at all them chickens". To which the grands begged to get out and go to the fence line and see the baby cows.

Now I know a lot of you know from reading the blog that GK has a way with animals. She is our in house donkey whisperer, finder of lost cats and dogs and friend to so many birds in the yard, who just have no fear of her at all. Of course they got out of the car and went to introduce themselves to the nursery of calves. I thought the mamas would hurry the little ones away but instead, they all pushed closer to Ms. G as she cooed to them. She touched their noses, they gave her cow kisses, even the mamas. Then she encouraged her brother, who is usually a scaredy cat to be calm, sit still and extend his hand. When he did, he too was rewarded with slimey, wonderfully live affirming cow kisses and was so proud of doing so. Made me tear up watching not only the interaction of child and animal but the love of a big sister for her little brother, who I swear in another six months is going to be taller than she.

These photos are from a video we took. I just picked out a few of the scenes that warmed my heart.

We spent a good half hour, just watching the kids, watching the cows, watching the kids. It was so zen.  And then GK turns to the camera and says, with the same inflection in her voice as the little girl on the Youtube video, "look at all them chickens". And yep it was funny.

We also made time this last week to do some arting projects for the yard, fashion some really insane dyed and colored eggs including a Godzilla inspired one (don't ya love the chalkboard eggs?), go for nature walks and enjoy some time together. They are such good kids. They make me nutz sometimes but then again.....I return the favor in kind. Tee Hee.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda