Tuesday, May 26, 2009

18 days and counting

I never really knew either of my grandmothers. My Mom's mom died before I was born, my Dad's Mom was matriache of a huge family of 18 kids and something like 50 + grandchildren. She lived in Las Vegas, NM and when we would go to see her, I watched from afar. Another difficulty was the fact she only spoke spanish and I didn't know any (my Dad didn't seem to see the need).
Flash forward to 9 years ago. My granddaughter was born. While my darling daughter was preggers she had been told that she was to have a boy. She moved back from Mississippi in her 5th month and we prepared blueness for a baby. She had an utrasound 6 weeks prior to delivery......surprise a girl. Hurrah says I and ran out and bought something pink. Now I had someone to share my dolls with. My husband and I were with Shel for labor and delivery of GereaKaye. And we were gonners. That little girl has had us wound around her little finger ever since.
So, GereaKaye will be here from South Carolina, where they currently live, to spend summer vacation with us. She came last year for 7 weeks and we almost didn't get her on the plane to go home. She is such a huge part of our hearts and we are special to her as well.
When she was born, I looked into her eyes and knew that I had known her before. She is an old soul, with much to teach to the world. She is gifted and warm. Has her Papa's heart on a string and her Oma's devotion. So in case you couldn't read between the lines.....we are thrilled to be in her presence again. So if the world moves a little faster, flowers bloom brighter, birds sing sweeter and life seems easier in 18 days, you can blame it on the supreme joy eminating from my house.

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