Friday, May 29, 2009

Are ya feelin' lucky???????

You know, I am pondering my luck.
I have as of late been very lucky.
I had cut myself off from a lot of things from my past. People, people and then some people. Some I miss, most I will have to look on as memories. The reason I am pondering this is because I had a tarot reading a few weeks ago and "it was said" that I have let past memories rule what I feel now. And those are false feelings. I have to let me, be me in the now.
I have new friends, many of whom will read this blog. These new friends have made a real difference in the way I feel about myself. I met Georgina, while surfing to find an "artist site" where I could feel at home and comfortable. Well the site turned out to be a group of uppity, self involved folks.....all except for this crazy chica who is fabulous, crazy, funny and my friend. When I read her blog, it makes me smile, laugh and sometimes wet my pants. She is a hoot.
Then while selling on the big E, I met a photograph artist in Sweden, Becky, who has to be my long lost child (that I had while in Europe, which absolutely never happened). She bought these crazy rubber boy dolls with sport hats and used them in her art. When she emailed me pix of her work, I was in love. What a sweetheart with a whimsical heart. When I look at her art, I am inspired to be more fun, have more trust in the process. (I know, too deep and we need life jackets now).
Then another sweetie came into my life on the big E. She bought one of sister's dolls and when I went to send the package to her.....damn, she lives where my daughter and grandkids live....Irmo....yeah folks that's really the name, Carolina. CarolDawn is a dear friend and lifesaver. She is a gentle, caring, kind woman who isn't afraid to share part of herself. What a gem.
Now I have old friends as well and they are precious to me too, but will never read this.....they say "computer stuff, Oh not me". So I don't have to write about them. But they make me strong.
The point is my luck has changed because my perspective has changed. I am willing to put myself out there and that's a beautiful thing. These ladies have pulled, pushed, dragged and helped me be me in the now.
Lady Luck, yeah that's the ticket.

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  1. AAHHH how sweet...thanks for your kind words and I'm very proud and honoured to be your amiga!!! You know we could get arrested if we ever spent time together...oh well, what are friends for...we'll need someone to bail us out though!! LOL



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