Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello bloggin world

I have finally made the tech move to a blog. Not that I have all that much to offer to the world at large but I will (as a tall skinny mean spirited minister I used to work for said) "endeavor to persevere". I promise never to use this forum for anything except to bitch out the world and expound on it's shortcomings when necessary. But most of the time I plan to show off my work, air my brain, share my humor and let my buddies out there what I am doing.

Today I am going to finish my "altered pieces" which I will add to my darling potato chip collection. HUH?!@?? A few years ago, I became fascinated with the Mexican tourist gourd head dolls. I love the fact that they "like the rest of us artisanos" were trying to sell their wares. Most of the women dolls are lugging babies on their backs and pots or batea or whatever other handmade item they have to sell. Like real life huh. Most of the men dolls have tin or pottery items and are working hard too. I just saw them as a symbol of the real world. I even have a complete mariachi band, a wedding party, a set of twins, and assorted families of cuties. So, I scoured Ebay until I had bought almost all that I could find. And I am sure the sellers were saying yeah, I got rid of those ugly little dolls. Well my family started calling my "treasures" potato chips because we all know you can't just eat one potato chips. Well now these little folks are going to be selling Day of the Dead art, Guadalupe retablos, sugar skulls etc. I'll post some pix of the results of my altering. Party on world.