Saturday, May 30, 2009

How could I be so blind or 145 lb chipmunk?????

About two years ago, I saw an ad in the paper for St. Bernard puppies. We already had Lil Bubba Murphy, but the grandkids moved away and he was looking kinda down in the mouth without someone to play with. Being absolutely the most sane of all adult humans, I decided that he needed a friend.
I had never seen a white faced St. Bernard. She had never seen a human that she trusted (outside of her then human family). She would run away when the prospective adopters came to see the puppy and that is why she was still there. Cindy, her human Mom, was shocked when the dog ran toward me and started tugging at my shoe. Anyway, Willow came home with us to be Murphy's new buddy. And I might add the sweetiest dog we have ever had. She lets the 2 year old across the street talk into her nose, lets the cat beat her up, talks to the postman Bob and wants him to pay attention to her and lets me love, love, love her.
She was certainly different from the beginning. As I have stated in another blog she is a chewing machine. When she eats, she leaves a trail of food from her bowl to the back door and when she drinks, it's like she has holes in her lips and she leaves a river behind.
I just thought she was messy until night before last. She was doing her nightly fetch extravagaza and I took a toy from her. I started messing with her mouth, she loves that and discovered.....she has pouches on each side of her jaw. Now none of the other dogs we have had have had these. So all this time I thought I had an unusual Saint with no black mask, a chewing addiction and a Nana complex towards all kids, who is ruled by a 6 lb cat with no tail. I was wrong. All this time I had a very strange colored, large chipmunk.
But who knew?

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