Sunday, May 31, 2009

The quiet is leaving

Every Sunday morning, my husband shuffles his sweet self to the den, plops himself in front of his TV and begins to watch those "awful" Sunday morning talk shows. You know the ones where everyone talks at one time and argues about everything. I fix coffee, we have brunch and go about our day.
Well, that is all about to come to a muffled halt. I just realized that quiet, in any size, shape or commodity will be a thing of the past.
Thank heavens. Quiet is what makes us old. Quiet is what takes your will to be spontaneous away. Quiet is going to hide in the corner along with my cat because RyLeigh Eoan Doar is coming to live at my house. He is 5, alive and a talker. His sister is 9, bossy and a talker, their mother is 30 something, quirky (how could she not be with a mother like me) and a talker. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
My kiddos are coming to live with us. I wonder if the neighbors will ever get over this change. Instead of what they normally hear, likeoccasional cursing fits, or playing with the dog, they will have to contend with everyone talking at one time and arguing.....Hmmmmmm just like Sunday morning TV.

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