Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Sunday well spent

We have some wonderful friends who have three dogs. So when we go visit we take our Saint Bernard Willow Ozgood. Terry and Verna have two Saint Bernards Bogart and Penelope and a great dog dog Sabrina. This morning under rainy skys which are unusual here in ABQ, we had brunch outside while the dogs ran, got in the wading pool and barked at the world.
Since Willow was a small fuzz ball as compared to the huge fuzz ball now, she has had this thing about water. She wants it all over her body. She lays in puddles, runs in the rain and snow and when we go to Auntie Verna's house she wallows in the wading pool.
Today was a day of laughter and fun and I am very thankful to have my life, friends, and my idiot dog.

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