Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Todays a new day

Hello world.....
I have lots to be doing instead of writing on my blog but I am sort of a Don Quixote character at heart. I have made a promise to myself to use this forum as a journal and even if the windmill blades smack the crap out of me I will keep on keeping on. Me and Sancho.
That being said, I am looking outside and seeing another monsoon day approaching. For those of you who live in regular weather land, I bet you think because I live in the desert southwest that I am high and dry. Well you would be wrong. Every summer to a lesser or greater degree depending on the La Nina or El Nino's we get rain in June/July and again in Sept. Well Mother Nature is letting us have a preview of the summer to come and we have had rain everyday for the last week. I love it. My backyard turtles love it. My idiot dog Willow loves it. My husband who has to be out in it......not so much.
I know that in other locals when it rains it rains. I mean inches in hours. Here, an inch in a day is fabulous. I love the cumulus clouds that build thunderheads and then deliver. If I lived where it rained alot I am sure that I would be oblivious to the wonder of a rainy day. The power of the lightening and thunder, the smell of ozone, the sound of the rain on the sidewalk, I don't know it just sends me......
Pitapat, Linda

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  1. Hola Muchacha,

    You know...same here, but it hasn't rained since last week. Expecting some our way today...don't you love the smell of place like it except here in the desert. Have a day off before I have to get my butt back to my dad's ol' office to haul my stuff to storage, so will utilize it!!! yea!! Sending you mucho love and good thoughts.


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