Friday, June 19, 2009

As promised

In yesterdays post I touched on the subject of sharp objects. All of us as children were warned to not run with scissors and not to point them at anyone. Somthing about eyes and threats of death and destruction always followed. Right? Jump in thought process, one of the four ways to get to my city is through a cut in the Sandia/Manzano (apple and watermelon) mountains. The name of that pass is Tijeras, scissors or shears in Spanish. Okay so now that I have set you up for the doomed scenario. RyLeigh Oean Doar, rachantour (yes it is misspelled but work with me people) of terror and mayhem, currently stationed in South Carolina where he is honing his skills in humidity, possum watching and big bug training, has learned how to correctly manipulate scissors in preschool. We must for the rest of our tortured lives thank Miss Why and Miss Whatever for exposing us to his fine tuned skills of swiss cheese making of objects that have nothing to do with Switzerland or cheese. I remember in college an art education assignment to make something that looked like the object but had no physical connection to the object. ie silk batiste ice cream cone, resin soft drink, plaster wheeled car and now all these years later I finally understand the assignment. Wreck havoc with reality or as I like to call it MY GRANDSON. His mom and I were on the phone talking when she discovered one of his latest masterpieces. He had taken his newly acquired skill with the tijeras and re formatted his sisters jersey sheets and of course according to Gerea, they were her favorite and life would never be the same without them (look out Sarah Heartburn, pity party for one). So as not to be unfair, he had done the same thing with his sheets and was quite delighted with the artistic outcome of his endeavors. What a talent we have budding here. Someday there might be an exibition of RyLeigh little tiny pieces every bloody where you can see them, hanging in some prestigious gallery bur for now, I am locking all sharp objects away in my studio and not letting him share without the prison guard being present while said project is underway. Bad Oma.

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