Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Announcement 128 days and counting until quite possibly the best holiday of all....Halloween. I have, since I was very young, been smitten with October 31st. As an adult (or so they tell me) I start getting my game on for Spooky Ooky as soon as Uncle Sam and kids come out to play on my holiday tree for 4th of July which is my second favorite holiday. Halloween gives me an anticipatory anxiety in my guts because you know they're out there waiting for you and will give you the heebie jeebies. While the 4th gives me goosebumps and pride as all things red, white and blue are displayed (hopefully) with honor. To me the emotions of these two celebrations are so dissimiliar and yet alike. To quote the King, "I get all shook up". Yesterday when GK and I were lying down for our afternoon siesta, she started asking questions, as she always does about everything (curiousity is her strong suit). She is one of those people that likes to know what is going to happen the next day, schedules, plans, etc. And because I had told her we would be putting up the 4th of July tree, the topic was patriotic songs. Why, what, where and did I know any? There we were on my big ole bed singing all the patriotic songs we knew, discussing what patriotism is and was. She turned to me, noticing the tears on my cheeks, why are you crying? I explained I cannot sing America the Beautiful without choking up. In her best 9 year old fashion she comforted me. I let her know it was pride that made me cry, not hurt. Not a concept easily grasped at that age. We agreed to con er convince the neighbor kids to decorate their bikes with streamers and all manner of red, white and blueness and have a neighborhood parade, even offering the makings for the decorations (cuz we know that I have enough crap for such an endeavor at Hobby Linda's). I told her I have a CD with patriotic songs we could put in the back of my adult tricycle, which she would ride and she could be the end of the parade, like Santa in the Christmas parade. The one you wait for. She was delighted and settled down for the siesta and then sat up and said, you aren't going to stand at the street and cry are you? I won't make any promises.

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  1. Hi Linda!
    What a "superblogger" you are!
    I´m so happy that I could inspire GereaKaye, it´s an honour!
    If you give me your address I will send you that photo she liked.
    I will do that when I come home from France. I´m going there next week for a workshop with Julie Arkell!
    Just explain which photo you meant! Is it the one with the single girl with the crown, or the little gang?
    Hugs/ Becky


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