Monday, June 8, 2009

dodads, toilet seats and shoes

As you can see by the new doo daddys, I've been cyber shopping again. I will today go back to the electronic dollar store and stock up on all the non essential things they have to offer. I'm a sucker for a deal and free banners, gadgets, backgrounds and special other unreadable html are just the ticket.
I am a bargain hunter. I have had my license for over 50 years, so of course I get not only the senior silver discount but the sparkly mind discount as well.
I have always loved shoes. My husband's mother told him not to marry me because she had heard that I had 50 pairs of shoes in my closet. Bitch. I can't help it if I am an over achiever. The silly woman also said I couldn't come and visit her house because she didn't have a rhinestone studded toilet seat. I only put up with that nonsense for 30 years and then cut her off (snap). After all I do have my standards, I don't care who she is related to.
I remember the good old days, buying shoes, now that was a pass time. That was when I could still wear shoes on my feet instead of just parking them in the shoe garage. The hunt was on and when I found a deal on that special pair of shocking pink stilletto's that I just had to have, even if they were the wrong color, size and style, I swooned. But since then many a pair of shoes has languished in my closet for the lack of occasion or enough petroleum jelly and an oversized shoe horn for leverage.
Now I am on to bigger and better things.
No more I say. I have found a new waste of time and money.....cancel the money, it's free. OMG, I could loose my mind if I knew where I put it.
Enough of my pleasure seeking. The offical GK countdown is at 150 hours and counting. And lord love her she's bringing me the toilet seat of my dream's, such a thoughtful child that one.

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