Sunday, June 7, 2009

I got me a stud

This guy is named Pig. He lived in my back yard for 27 years, but he is probably in his mid 30's, well built, handsome, has his way with the ladies (turtles that is) and is my turtle stud for 2 weeks.
When my kids were moving to the southeastern part of the US, my sweet man and I were going to follow and live close by in NC, so I couldn't take my 30 something turtles with me. After all, what self respecting western box turtle would want to live on the other side of the Big Muddy. So, I gave my turtle children to only the best people with fabulous yards , inspected by mean, and the people had to have wonderful attitudes towards my shelled sweethearts.
When we didn't move to follow said rotten beast children, I was sorta upset cuz no I had no babies left to love. No pink squeezy kind, no hardshelled fun to watch kind and I was sad.
In a month or so my sad turned to puzzled and thrilled when I discovered, 2 grown females, 1 adolescent male and 2 little baby turtles stomping around the back yard. I was sure they were all gone. But the goddess of the garden, saved me from myself and there they were. Little green and brown bundles of hard shelled love just waiting for my adoration and lots of bananas, corn and cantalope. I also found two newly hatched ones in the front yard. They had gotten out, because my sweet man had taken town the turtle guard on the gate (cuz who knew, right???).
Anyway, I am back in the turtle herding or is it hoarding business and needed one of my old studs, contacted his new Mommy and we made the drop yesterday at the nutrition store.
Of course he knew me right away (wow even I am having a hard time with that one) and was very happy to get on with the business at hand immediately upon being put down in the fairy garden on the side of the house. I put on his favorite Barry White song, Let's get it on" and you could hear him exclaim as he lumbered out of site, "hey baby what's your sign?"

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  1. This is too funny. I had 2 box turtles in our backyard too...I loved them so much. Used to love giving them little bits of hamburger meat. Every time I turned on the hose, they new it was yum-yum time. After I moved away from the house and my daughter remained there, I think they left ...she knew the routine, but they didn't come out for her, so we assume they left too.


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