Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's like watching a reality show in real life

I am 60 years old. OMG I said it.
Not that that gives me any special privileges in life except Senior discounts at restaurants and junk stores. But the point I am trying to make is that I have been around the block a time or two, seen the world go from huge piece of furniture black and white tv's to the huge plasma thing on my wall. Party lines on the telephone to itty bitty thing in my purse....you get it.
My bitch today is.......I know folks in my life who act like some of the edjits on a reality show. You the type, you sit and say "now I know that person knows better than that" and then the fool just goes right ahead a does the dumb thing.
My question is why? Yeah, I think I have been asking that for at least 50 years. Why don't people choose to do the right thing, when they have the chance. It only makes good sense. You won't have to lie, make excuses, ignore or suffer the consequences, face the music, face a firing squad, face me. The latter being the worse, I guarantee it.
Besides, disappointment, disillusionment, dis whatever is a hard pill to swallow, for others and for me.
Life is life, most of the time it is not just exactly what you want it to be or what you think it should be, because if it were I'd be tall, slender, long legged, red headed and be on Brad Pitt and Jake Owen's speed dial, have my art work displayed in the Smithsonian, have made a fortune with an advice syndicated column and own my own island in the Bahamas.
And you know, I know those things are not going to happen.
Now reader, I know you are sitting there thinking dun????? But I know people who think and act like just because they hope, think, dream and wish it to be so, it will. Then they sit back and wait for the tooth fairy to deliver the congratulations telegram, doing nothing in the mean time to make their dreams happen. They also put their hands over there ears when the truth is spoken and turn in a circle singing la, la, la.
I will always encourage fantasy thinking in youngsters to help develop their imaginations but at some point, we, as adults, all should be able to see the line that separates the two. YA KNOW.
Heaven helps folks who pull their heads out and face reality. If you are going to catch your dreams, you gotta be willing to move towards that goal not wait for it to go out on an adventure in deepest darkest Africa to find you when you're in the gulf of nowhere.
Okay, I'm going back into my cage now and leave you all to your thoughts. Smoke um if you got um.


  1. Agree...400%! But then I'm in my middle years too, taken a stroll up and down the blocks several times, graduated from the "school of hard knocks," and I'm still here plugging away. I hate all this blame crap about making excuses that you are unable to do something or go forward because you came from a poor backgroud, mommy didn't understand you, daddy wacked you in the butt when you were naughty, blah, blah, blah. I say "shit or get off the pot!" That said, peace out!


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