Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's that time

On June 21 most of the world just says, oh yeah it's the first day of summer. Some of the world says, Summer Solstice is here, others like me and Wm Shakespeare say, Litha is upon us.
Between May 1 and June 21, the fae (fairies) are the most active with humankind. I think it's because they have a desire to connect with us, but there are those that think that they like to mess with us. Whatever the reason, every year at my house, we decorate a fairy tree the first week of June. We have a fairy tea party at Solstice sundown. We make fairy dolls from real flowers and grasses, make and serve thimble cookies, lavender tea and lemonade and invite our neighbors, friends and loved ones to join us. We light candles, draw a fairy circle and visit until late into the evening at which time we leave milk and honey in tiny tea cups and watch for signs of the fae.
Last year, the fae ate the cookies, moved our rocks as per our request and left us seeds to plant.
I know you are asking yourself, is she nuts? No, I am a believer. My nine year old granddaughter is as well. She has seen evidence of the fae and we honor the thought that this may not be the only reality there is. There just might be the otherside waiting to contact us.
A little over a month ago, I was watering in the front yard, close by where we draw our fairy circle, when I noticed something pink, quite bright and shimmery fluttering in the herb pot. As I approached, I saw it was a wing, caught in a spider's web. So that I was not the only one to see it, I called the little girl's Mom who lives across the street to come and see. She was as excited as I. Her almost 3 year old saw it and said. "We need to keep it for the fairy to take back". There ya go.
So today is the day, I am to put up the irridescent tree and put some chenille stem fairies in anticipation of both the coming of Summer Solstice and the arrival of my darling granddaughter who will once again dance around the fairy circle with her friends and giggle and intice the fairies to come closer. Brightest Blessings.

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