Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let's talk balls

Seven and one half hours 'til GK. I never realized (well yes but why pay attention to detail) how often my mind wanders. I'm thinking of something I want to do, or has to be done and then as if by magic, poof, the thought has changed to something else or worse left the building with Elvis. I used to blame it on often-timers, or aforementioned silver or sparkly moments or too much thought not enough brain but I have a much better explanation. Now get ready cuz it may cost you that bridge in Brooklyn. Let us just image that when we are young, we are given a defined number of balls to juggle and if you are like me you lose some, paint them a different color, make them into dolls heads, misplace some, let the dog play with them or put them someplace for safe keeping (and the only safe place is hiding from yourself in plain sight). Now the great and omnipotent ball people hand out these balls on a regular basis and ask for the old ones back. You know, to keep the universe in balance. I've given my excuses and reasons and whatever and they just keep giving me more balls. Laziness and procrastination and inablility to trust myself and not being sure someone else will like my technique keep making my mind wandering. So now after all these musters for ball handouts I can't even lift all of them let alone get them up in the air to juggle. And when the moment to show off my ball trick comes......well I'm all balled up unable to keep one set of balls or another rotating in the right path at the right speed. Okay people, let us keep our balls juggling and focus. And, of course if nominated I will accept the "what the hell did she just say" award with a quizzical smile cuz I will have forgotten my acceptance speech or why we are there or