Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the magnetic pull of the earth

I bet you have never heard of the famous Flying Burrito Family. They are a circus family and have trapeze, juggling and high wire acts. Their skills are legendary and their daring is well known. This little boy is Juan Luis Alfonso Burrito y Agave, after the picture was taken he fell and cracked his noggin.
"Mom, we're going to the emergency room, I'll call you when I know how RyLeigh is". Click. Buzz. I have to tell you that in the years since my own child gashed her nose open on the coffee table chasing the Herbie the dog and my granddaughter opening her nose on an end table chasing the LaLa the cat, I have kinda numbed myself to bloody scenes and thought I was pretty calm when it came to bouts with calamity. I have not had to deal with the head trama bloody oh I can't be scared or upset until it is over feelings. So having said that....... My grandson is not one of the famous Burrito family, he is daring alright just not well trained. He biffed it off his bunkbed and made a one point landing on his nose. (He is okay but his mom did have to warn the emergency room staff about the possibility of his eating them unless they treated him right). His sister, GK, came to us with legs that looked like chopped liver. She and her bike had had conversation and she lost. She also has this loooooooooooooooooong scrape on her leg from falling out of a tree. Is it just me or does is seem like my grandkids are fallers not flyers, like that little dinosaur on "Land of the Lost"? I flied?, no you falled. Either that or they were born with magnets in their faces and butts and they are fighting the magnetic pull of the earth. Whatever the reason, wow, these kids are clutzy. But the real topic of my blog this morning is their mom, the one and only egg in my basket. I have thought she was brave to have more than one child, foolhearty to have more than one child, a crazed maniac for having more than one child but ya know, maybe having the one child thing is my problem. If I had had more....stuff like this probably wouldn't be as big a deal. Yeah right. At first, I contemplated ridding my household of bikes, beds, trees, sidewalks, animals and pointed things (that's another blog) but I am a rational woman (stop it now, it's not nice to laugh at veija supreme) and have given way to calm, piece and another tequila sunrise. Cheers

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