Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Messenger from Queen Mab

Only 31 hours until GK. Probably means I will have to be doing my bloggin earlier in the morning cuz "the princess" is a late sleeper and I can get some stuff done before I am required to fetch and tote. And I mean that in the nicest way.
For those who don't know her, GK is my one and only granddaughter. And for the uninitiated the sun does rise and set at her bidding. The rain calls ahead to make sure it won't inconvenience her and the snow makes it's game plan in the summer, so as not to have a scheduling conflict. I just adore her.
When said deity was just a baby, my sweet man and I were lucky enough to have she and her Momma Shelley live with us. I woke every morning thinking, I wonder what I will learn from GereaKaye today. As a baby and then as a toddler, set deep within her root beer colored eyes, were the secrets of the universe, freshly arrived from the other side. She knew everything there was to know and everyday shared some monumental snippet with me. I knew I only had a limited amount of time before the wonder and critical information would be gone and as she grew up the jading proccess would begin and for once in my life I didn't miss my best shot. I took full advantage of every moment I had with her, knowing I would never be the same and I would be the sorryest person in the world if I let this opportunity pass me by. We had 2.5 glorious everyday years together. I am here to tell you I was changed. Her wisdom, clarity, joy, wonder and freshness touched my soul as I have never been touched before or since. I know I was a little wacky before her arrival but afterwards I was reborn into a better me. And now, she is coming to live with me again as a 9 year old and I am so thankful that the universe has seen fit to put us back together. I am assured that she and I will benefit from this reunion. When my own darling Shelley was a baby, I missed the opening time with her. I was busy being a mommy, wife, daughter, sister, helper to others. Now, don't get me wrong, Shelley and I have always and will always be best friends, she is a kick in the pants and I am so proud of her. The nut didn't fall too far from the tree and I love her more than she or I will ever know, but I was "busy" and missed out on the precious blossom and wisdom carrier she was. For that matter, we all are when we first arrive here in this reality. I remember once, Shelley and a little neighbor boy were sitting on the back wall talking while I was gardening. He asked if she believed in God. They were about 4 and she said "no, I don't believe in God, I feel God". I remember being in awe of her at that moment but didn't see the significance of the occassion until much later. GereaKaye will be here in a few short hours and we are going to take advantage of every future moment we have. She is 9 and very much a child of this world now but there is still time for us to be each others intimate share partner, explore fairies, whys and whatfor's, life, death and everything in between. Think gentle and kind thoughts for us, we are going to be returning to our neverland. "Hold your breath when you see a butterfly, it might be a messenger from Queen Mab and if you look at it just right, you'll see it is a fae" spoken by GK last June at our Summer Solstice celebration. PS. I am so humbled by my bud, Georgina's offering to others of my thoughts, rants and waxing as something entertaining. Georgina, I swear next time mi amiga, I'll buy the tequila and pay the bail.

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