Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My dispute with Mother Nature

In the real world, I worked with children and teenagers in the church setting for over 20 years. Often times when asked I will tell people my white hair is purely from having to deal with said critters for so long. I took 50+ teenagers to camp and actually lived with them. I ran a program on Wednesday nights which included 100+ kids ages 6 - 18, as well as adults as teachers, cooks, play coaches blah blah blah. You get the idea, I used to be used to kids. I am packing for a trip to Denver with my granddaughter and her BFF. I hope they live through this adventure. We are going to Waterworld's 64 acres of fun, sun, water, walking, walking, and walking. I will be the pack mule, my husband will be the lookout and the girls are going to have fun. The next day our plans are for the Denver Zoo so the same thing only I won't have to schlep quite as much and my Joe and I will get to conversate......while walking, walking, and walking. I have a strong feeling that this trip will either make me stronger or kill me. I have packed all my necessary items, anti leg cramping pills, sunscreen, muscle soreness cream, earplugs, and lots of valium so that the girls have a good time. Time was when I just packed clothes and called it good but well Mother Nature and I are good buddies and she likes me so much she has let me be the poster child for "what not to be when you get older". So my old butte and I will have a chance to reclaim our former title of "not bad for an old broad" and smile damn you smile. Wish me luck.

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