Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oma strikes again

I am so bad.
All of the kids in the neighborhood call me Oma. That means grandmother in German. Being the neighborhood Oma has some benefits and some urrrrrrrr's.
The bene's are visits to just say hi, cookies when they bake um, rocks that are pretty and need to be shared, bugs in jars, fairy sightings, bird baby arrivals, can I see your dog???, I'm bored can I help, do you have any boxes I can use for a fort?, can use the swing in the tree, are the pomegranates ripe yet?, can you help with my Halloween costume, will you swing on the back porch swing with me?, got any bubbles I can use?, will you go to the junk store with me, can I show you my magic tricks, can we chat? I LOVE IT. When no one else gives a big neighborhood grands cheer me up.
Now on the other hand..................nope there is no other hand. The only reason the urrrrrrr's come is when I am doing something I need to get finished or when I have one of my damnable migraines and can't play.
Yesterday, I went to my favorite junk store with the family, mom, 2 girls and the most adorable young man in the world. The kids are great, the boy is in high school, sweet girl who is my grand d's bff is just going into mid school, and then there is trouble who is gonna be 3.
I am so bad.....junk stores and kids are my very best/worst thing. They see things, want things and I want to be there fairy godmother and make it so. So.............I sneaked some items in my basket that had been, as "my boy" puts it, "passed on by presidental decree". Sorry Deb, you're not my momma and I needed to have those things for my grands of the neighborhood. Now I hope she will not be tooooooooooooooooooooo upset when she finds out. Oops. You know the old saying it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Let's hope so.

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