Saturday, June 6, 2009

partly cloudy with chance of a new bathroom floor

That's today's forecast. After my Mother passed away, Joe and I moved into the house I grew up in. My parents built this house in 1960. So a few things need to be updated. We have done lots in the past 5 years but there are miles to go on this one.
Last year was our water year. We had a leak in the swamp cooler and the wood floors had to be replaced. We had a leak under the toilet in the front bathroom and had to have all the plumbing replaced. I sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay so we could have a beach vacationbut as life would have it, we had water repairs instead.
I laughed and said I should put sand on the floor (plywood subfloor) in the bathroom and count it good.....well now we have to get serious and get some flooring. I hate shopping for stuff like this. My poor husband is tired of splinters in his little feeties, so today is the day. Ughhhhhhh.
I still like the sand idea....then I remembered we have a cat. Not good.

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  1. Dear Linda!
    I wish I lived in your neighbourhood, it seems to be a lot of fun there.
    I would visit you every day!
    Big hug
    Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka


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