Friday, June 12, 2009

Regarding Junk or Junque, that is the question

I am surrounded by lots of reoccurring themes. You know how it is when something keeps reappearing in your life. Like a song, a movie title, someone's name, yada yada yada. Well I am stuck on re. Have been for sometime but it is just closing in on me at this point. I was recycling long before it was any color, let alone green. Cuz I was raised by a re user. When she died, we found she had saved every plastic bag, container and utensil that ever came into her realm as well as all cards, letters, invitations, pictures, buttons, blah blah blah. I think that my Mom's generation learned to re purpose not because it was trendy but because it was necessary and I might add, practical. She saved alot of things for "good" though, and in most cases, bless her soul "good" never came because her treasures didn't get used. Not me. I plan on using and wearing out everything I own and that's why I am selling junk on Ebay. Use it or lose it, or make something out of it. My Mom would have thought to save cereal boxes for the cardstock silly but thought nothing of saving old letters, since before there was hair. I would say, scrapbooking items all (you say tomato and I say tomatoe). So to say that I recycle, repurpose, reuse, reclaim and re assign is redundant....LOL. Last night I was working on some wings for a Halloween (the best time of the whole year) project. In doing so, I had some old dolls that I was taking parts from and redoing them into something else (reestablishing their reason for existing). Can we all say altered??? And I was thinking about how many little tiny "for crying out loud" pieces of things I have in boxes, bins, tubs, vials, bottles, cubby holes, hidey holes, etc, and how when I die my daughter will probably not see these items as the treasures I do or have a need to recycle them in any way shape or form, except to reap the monetary rewards.It's that tomato thing again. Afterall, I did raise a pragmatic little capitalist. Can you say junk store shopping? In discussing this mornings blog with my husband over coffee, he was laughing at me, as he is apt to do. Remarking (oops couldn't resist) that even the music I was hooked on as of late, cuz I do change genre often, had to do with re. When I asked to what he was referring, O geez, when will this end? He walked to the turntable and lifted the needle, placed the arm on the record (now tell me you didn't see that one coming, yeah right) and out boomed a song I put on everyday to uplift my soul, put a bounce in my step and adjust my attitude towards housework, which by the way makes you ugly and I ain't taken no chances.....Miss Aretha Franklin the reenabler of my life.....R E S P E C T. Preach on sister. Sock it to me, sock it to me....................just a little bit


  1. You know, your blogs are wonderful...I'm going to tell other artists about you...this is just too good to be read by few! And I call my stuff "junke!" It's a border thing!!!

  2. really fun post!

    I found you through Georgina - and I'm now a fan!


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