Monday, June 15, 2009

Summertime and the livin' is easy

The GK has landed and life will never be better. This one will be short and sweet, I've got pancakes to make, zoo to be visited and doll dresses to start on, a couple of games on the WII, a fairy grandmother's jobs are never done. Yesterday was like Christmas. GK got off the plane, her Papa my sweet man got to go to the gate to meet her. Only one greeter in the security area and since I had my knee replacement going through the security area has not been what I would consider a fun date. Now keep in mind, I am all in favor of securing the skys, but frisking a fat old women with obvious scars on her knee is not my idea of a fun date on Sunday afternoon, but then I always have been a wet blanket, when it comes to strangers pawing me. Last time I asked if bringing my post surgery xray might make encounter less "personal space invading" and was told, no. So much for trying. Anyhoo, I got the hug and squeeze I have been waiting for and needing for 10 and half months. She said she wasn't going to let go of me until she graduated from college. No, wait, maybe that was me. We went to Taco Bell for the 6 obligatory, bean only burritos. And to think this kid has a good cook hispanic as an Oma. She doesn't like Mexican food. I'll make her a Mexican not a Mexican't soon. And then we came home to eat and talk and show her new clothes and......yeah right, GereaKaye's BFF lives across the street and had been waiting out front for an hour by the time we drove up. It was like a movie in slow motion. The car stops, the door opens, Emily is waiting for her. GK jumps out of the car, they hug each other like long lost sistahs (this is at 4pm) and didn't shut up with chatter, giggling, making my sidewalk look like Peter Max threw up on it, spying on the neighbor boy they both have a crush on, until it was just about dark. Joe and I walked in laughing and shaking our heads realizing that just like Christmas,we are here to clean up the wrapping paper and watch the fun. We are so thankful to have that chattering chipmunk back close to us. It's like breathing again.