Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Zone

I don't travel very often. Not across several time zones anyway. I had forgotten how everything is a little skewed when you lose or gain hours and your body and mind are having a constant conversation about but it's not time to......or we should be..... My lovely GereaKaye has shown signs of being a little off from Eastern to Mountain time zones. She actually took a nap yesterday. I believe it was the first time she has been completely quiet since she got here on Monday. She also talks in her sleep. We are having such a good time. She is so sweet, funny and 9. I never knew either of my grandmothers (as I have stated in a previous blog) so I had no model by which to mold myself, but I knew I was going to be a fun grandma and "shazam", that's the case. I have a neighbor, who asked me just before the arrival of GK how I was going to be able to stand the invasion of my privacy while the kids are here. At first I thought it a crazy question. I mean, these are the babies I have longed for for two years. These are the kids for whom, I have an entire gargage full of "let's decorate for every holiday" things. These are the kids, for whom, I have every piece of kid's crafting crap every invented and then some. These are the kids, for whom I have cried enough tears to fill a swimming pool because I couldn't be with them. The neighbor is a 1 week at Christmas, 1 week in the summer, grandparent and keeps a beautiful, put together, house so the perspective is different. I am the proud owner of a house that looks like the wreck of Hesperus and I don't give a big one. Clean enough to pass the health inspector but lived in enough that no one (who likes me) seems to mind when they come over. I can still walk thru rooms and use tabletops so it ain't all that bad. But now that the realization of this time zone.....the one where old people and kids live together has set in.........nah, this is just where I want to be. Maybe a little mixed up as to what time I am do what I am to do but that isn't the kids fault and besides spending time with kids is what they remember. I can afford that one and am pleased to do so.

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  1. How I know about time changes. Back in the day when I was working for Johns Hopkins, I experience 3 time changes in one day. I was working in Albuquerque, left the following morning for Hartford, CT. My working partner and I crossed 3 time changes. By the time we arrived in NY, we slept for several hours that afternoon. Then we did it again, returning to Albuquerque for another group of testing and that evening we went to our prospective hotel rooms and didn't even say good night...we just drug our tired, time worn bodies to our rooms and collapsed on the bed and slept till the next morning...time changes are tough!

    Glad to hear your having a blast. I'm picking up my little guys in an hour and spending the day with them...can't wait! First we're going to stop at a really great Mexican bakery and buying the place out, then coming home and having some hot chocolate and "pan dulce" and off to the movies.


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