Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trivial Pursuit brain

My style of sharing is ecclectic. Most of the time, I have something to add to a conversation because I have stored small portions of things I have learned. I wished I had paid attention more to what the world thinks is important sometimes but then again, I kick ass in trivial pursuit games cuz that's what I know......small bits.
My favorite uncle in the world (well not now but he was until he wasn't anymore) lived to be 93, which I guess maybe entitled him to pontificate. He used to pinch my cheek and say grow up well, don't be dull. Even when I was a grown up he told me the same thing. Anyhoo, he told me as you get older the days go by faster. At the time (in my 30's), I thought you dodgy old coot, there's always 24 hours in a day. Well, as a wacked old broad, I'm here to tell you he was right.

2nd bit of junk from my brain, did you know that the smell before it rains is not the rain at all. It is the trees and plants absorbing the humidity before the rain and excreting a chemical into the air. If you live where it rains all the time and your humidity is high then the phenomena is lost on you. But for desert dwellers where the humidity is between 4 and 40 percent. We can smell the rain, or even the snow coming because the plants are excreting, unseemly as it sounds.

3rd bit for today altered art used to be a crime. That is to say that if you took someone else's art and corrupted it somehow, folks would frown upon it. Now, it's my favorite pass time. Pass time is sort of like a make do but more high brow. Primitive art was what you found in the attic or basement or Grandma's closet, now it is mixed media art.
Life is grand, ain't it. Things change, fun increases and I still get to play everyday, even if the day goes by faster now.

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  1. Yep, I know about the chemical stuff concerning the rain in the desert...but we still say it smells like rain!!! Love what your uncle said..ain't that the truth??!?!?!?!??! I too wish I had paid more attention, but you know, maybe we did, but that menopause brain melt stole it from us!!!


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