Sunday, June 21, 2009

We got pictures

Last night, we saw um, heard um, felt um, feed um and enjoyed um. Fairies of course. And today we took pictures of um, or at least this years version of um. Gerea and I love making flower fairy make do's. Last year we used real flowers, this year silk ones. Too much fun. Even my husband got into the act last night and sat on the walk way in the fairy garden and tried to entice the little beasties to come out and play. This morning, our offering of thimble cookies and milk and honey were completely wiped out. Even the crockery was askew. Party fairies is what we got, probably teenagers out racing their butterflies . They left GK a flourite crystal and some tell tale fairy nests. So today we took pictures and had more fun discussing how the real fairies were probably watiching from the garden and laughing at us. If it weren't for crazy, we'd have no thoughts at all, is our new theme song. More to come as the summer brings more opportunities for adventure. Enjoy the tiny sliver of the moon tonight and be blessed by the fairy folk ya'll.