Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's your middle name??????

Good Morning. 78 hours until GereaKaye.
When my daughter Michelle (Shelley to most) was in kindergarten we discovered she had amblyopia (lazy eye). Poor little critter had to wear an eyepatch and glasses. I tried to convince her that the eye patches were cool because she would look like a pirate. Now today that would be easy because of Johnny Depp's Cap'n Jack but back then.....not so much. Anytime someone would say Argh Matie, she would shy away and be upset.
Her teachers were really great ladies and we became friends. It's a good thing too. You know how you learn to share and play and interact with others in K. Well one day they were working on their names. Shelley was asked what her middle name was so that the teacher's could include that on their new project page. Without any hesitation, and with a great deal of pride she answered, "Dammit". My name is Michelle Dammit. Oops, red faced Mom here, but I did laugh cuz I realized that I didn't use her real middle name Leigh when getting shall we say "strong".
Pan now to current day.....RyLeigh, her son, just got his new glasses in time to start kindergarten. I suggested telling him they are pirate glasses cuz he loves pirates. He has seen Johnny Depp in return to neverland where he is wearing glasses and in Pirate of the Carribean and I guess that works except for the part where he doesn't like wearing them.
And, big coincedence, they are coming to live with us in July and when his kindergarten teacher asks him what his middle name is ..............................I hope he says Oean (like Owen but nortic). But he is five, alive and full of exuberant energy. So long as I keep sharp objects put up and away from both of us and bite my lips when he customizes my life, he'll be there for the first day of school.

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