Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ahoy mate, weigh anchor and cast off for Neverland

My husband and I have been playing Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, the lost boys, the Darlings and various other characters from the J. M. Barrie tales of the boy who never grew up for our GK since she first saw the Disney adventure 7 years ago. But both of us have been fascinated by the tale of that boy since we were first married, 37 years ago. There is something intriguing about never growing up. (Older yes, up never, because there is no future in growing up.)

It is always so much fun to hear my husband and all his "pretend voices" while he and GK sit in the hot tub and do the entire play. She is Wendy and he is everyone else, unless I attend the hot tubbing and then I get to be mermaids, indians, & pirates (the lesser players as it were). Now Ry is in the middle of a pirate phase and so we are off to the skullduggery again. Land Ho, you lubbers.

We have happily found several other books to add to the information about Peter Pan. Some of my favorites are Peter in Scarlett, the only sanctioned sequel to the JM Barrie account. Also the series by Ridley Pearson & Dave Barry (the comedic writer) are excellent imaginings to contemplate. And our latest addition to all things Peter Pan is a great read by the screen writer J.V. Hart (Hook, Tuck Everlasting, Bram Stoker's Dracula) entitled Capt. Hook. Like the original book , part of the proceeds of the sale of this book are given to Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital Charity, you know the home of the original lost boys.

So I'd say it's time for a full nights viewing of Peter Pan, Return to Neverland, Hook and all the other movies and things piratey . With our own additions to the commentary for effect. Pretend is the only language spoken and in awe is the only way to attend. So good day to you, scurvy bilge rats and hoist the main sail and be quick about it.


  1. What grand fun you are having!!! It's wonderful!

  2. Wow! I love storytelling, especially Peter Pan:)
    Your Grandchildren are fortunate to have storytelling grandparents, I think it's kinda a lost art.

    ~Have fun and a great weekend!

  3. Diane and Linda:
    Thank you for your kind words. My sweet man and I are the fortunate ones to still have time with these precious babes to hopefully pass along a love for stories, pretend and family. Have a super weekend.


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