Friday, July 31, 2009

Cape Insanity status report

For those of you who follow our antics here at Cape Insanity, we are grateful for your kind words and encouragement. And for those of you out there who just simply shake your heads and utter the famous words, Houston, we have a problem, we welcome your involvement no matter what it might be.

Tomorrow, our daughter Shelley begins her new job here in Albuq. She has to be to work at an hour that I have, with all sincerity, I tried to pretend did not exist for years. I am a night owl. I do not like early mornings. I think evil lurks in the early morning hours just waiting for you to yawn and let the evil juice get into your mouth and then up to your brain. I think early morning smells pretty cool but only when you have a window open and the breeze blows it in and you can still keep your eyes shut, stay in bed and not face that solar thing in the sky. Anyway, Shelley needs to be to work at 6:00 am. That means that unless she goes to bed with all her clothes on and can sneak out of the house without disturbing the kids, dogs, cat and us, we will all be awake early in the mornings to face the evil. When school starts, I have to get the kids ready, fed and to the bus stop, dare I use the word, e.a.r.l.y.

Yeah, yeah for those of you wack jobs who think that the early bird sucks on a juicy worm or whatever the saying is, well I'm sure you don't get it. But for my fellow bats, vampires, artists, fools and creatures of the night, well I know you feel my pain. My grandchildren are also children of the night and I will have to apply appropriate force to their tender little eyelids, stuff their little mouths with nourishment and send them on they way in the cruel morning hours to public education where they will learn cute sayings about early birds and worms and other nonsense.

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  1. What's wrong with early birds...I happen to be up when the cock crows (how biblical!!) However, I'm not that religous anymore on getting up that early, 7-7:30 is fine with me. When I was at university not long ago, I'd be up at 5 and studying again by 6 and always had an early class, so at school, by 6:45 to get a good parking place...ahh, those were the days and I don't miss them much least the studying and studio work. Have a great weekend and sleep when you can!!


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