Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tail of Woe

Wow, I just figured something out. I know, I know, you're thinking yeah right and what this time? I have lots of AHA moments. The older I get the closer together they come. But I digress, as usual. Did you know that you can erase old blogs??????????? I did not know that until a few minutes ago. That means I was able to get rid of the bad juju postings I had put out there in the universe. That way I don't have to look at the product of my disease......bulimic blogging. I have always had guilt after bitchin someone out and this is the only "take back" area I know.

What I really wanted to address this morning is vacation. When you go on one, your bags are always more full when you get back than when you left and that isn't counting the souvenirs. The house gets messier quicker because of the fullness of the bags exploding everywhere, you are more tired than when you went, laundry is staring at you immediately as you enter the front door and the most troublesome of all.....the animals you left in someone else's care hate your guts.

My St. Bernard, Willow, stayed with a friend who has 2 St.s and another wonderful dog. She was treated like the queen she has always tried to convince me that she is and quite frankly did not want to come home. She had friends to play with, a huge yard to run in, a kiddie pool to wallow in and people to wait on her and fawn over her (all except the Daddy of that house who indicated my dog is a pain in the ass, and he's so right). Then she came home to none of the above. She whined in the car on the way home (wanting to go back to her babysitters place), slept for 2 days, wouldn't eat, wouldn't wag her tail, at times won't even look at us and smells like she died from spending so much time in the pool. Today is the first morning she even acted like she knows me. Bitch.

The cat (who is a Manx and tailless) heard me as I walked in the front door and began to scream his tale of woe. I have always wanted to name a cat Woe, so I could say I had a tail of Woe. Stop throwing stuff at me....I know it was bad but get over it. He is still telling me all about the invasion of his privacy when the neighbor came in to check on him and feed him. You would think she had cleaned up where he left a hair ball on my side of the bed as his greeting present, or changed the kitty litter so we wouldn't have watering eyes upon entry of the front door.....oh yeah, she did do that. No wonder he's upset. She took all his power plays and dashed his hopes of retaliation to smithereens. Although, he is still walking around griping every waking hour since we got back. No need to miss that opportunity.

The only ones who even came close to being happy to see us home were the turtles. Okay, so they could care less but at least they have eaten since I came home and aren't out back screaming about the neighbor or giving me sad eyes that say....take me back to the pool.