Monday, July 6, 2009

Halellujah brother

The gods must bless pyros and firework fanatics. I say that because I had never met anyone who actually liked the percussion and sound that ensues on the 4th, let alone the stench, until this year. I mean I have known kids who loved to scare the Behooties out of folks (one of the most notorious has grown up to be an on fire preacher, pun intended) with firecrackers and such but I had never meet an adult who loves all things firecracker, rocket, mortar, bigger than your leg, pyrotechnics. He was a sweet young man and I enjoyed talking to him. My grand loved his teasing. We all enjoyed having a 4th of July picnic type meal with him. And then the damn fool when and set off the loudest most obnoxious sound and smell I have ever endured. Bladder control being what it is, we are all lucky to have made it out with only a light sprinkle from the clouds.

You know that is kinda how life is. Ya think one thing is and then you find out it isn't. Somehow it's bigger, louder, or more obnoxious than you remember or expect. Yeah, yeah me and the fireworks, funny. The aforementioned young preacher helped deliver a youth Sunday sermon about 20 years ago (he was pretty good as I remember) and afterward his Mom told me she hoped it was not a sign of his future and I would be to blame if he did become a man of the cloth........then there ya go....just another big boom. He, like the pyro young man are both some of life's fun pyrotechnic surprises.

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