Thursday, July 9, 2009


So there we were, sitting in the car in the shade, waiting until the masses started going into the gates of the swimming pool for lessons, when a huge white club cab diesel truck pulls up next to us. The lady driving wanted more shade than was available in just one parking spot so she puts it into reverse to adjust her angle and BAM. She backed into the only vehicle parked on the other row of cars. She stops, checks to see if I am watching, so do the kids in her truck, and drives off to find another parking spot somewhere else in the lot and doesn't bother to check if she did any damage to the other truck but has her herd checking her own truck. Oh hell, I know this happens all the time, I am not a newbie to life, but my 9 yr old grand is.

Not long ago she was in a traffic accident in Columbia, where an idiot girl ran the red light and t boned the car she was in. No one was really hurt in that accident. She has all that in her head now and I am sure it will take awhile for it to mellow to just a slight memory, not a huge thought every time she hears that kind of noise.

Anyway, her eyes were as big as saucers. I told her to go on with her new friend and the friend's grandmother and I would catch up. I wrote a note and put it on the smashed into car telling the owner that the vehicle that had hit them was blah blah and the license plate number. As I was walking into the pool, the driver of the big white demolition machine, approached me with herd in tow and gave me one of those eat shit and die looks. I smiled and asked if she was going to let the other car owner know? She glared at me and walked away.

After lessons, as we approached the parking lot, I noticed that the smashed vehicle was still there and I saw who the owner was. His grand is also in GK's class. I told him what I saw and he thanked me for being responsible. I know you're thinking don't hurt yourself patting your own back, but it isn't for me that I tell you this but for GK. When we got to the car, she said, Oma that was really nice of you to do that. Aren't you afraid that the other driver will be mad and do something to you? I told her no and she then said, I guess it's the right thing to do even if someone doesn't want to hear what you have to say huh? I must admit, I had a moments pause on that. You know all the stories you here about folks being hurt because they did the right thing, but we can't live in fear, so I told her, it is always right to do the right thing. Hard, but the right thing. She is going to have a difficult time living the life I expect her to live and I know that I will have to deal with out of the norm stuff along the way. I know I set my standards way too high but considering where the rest of the world settles for, I can't be apologetic about wanting her to be a responsible, respectable person who can look at herself in the mirror and be proud of what she sees.

I just can't imagine being that Mom who was driving the white truck. Modeling irresponsibility to her children. She is going to be the only surprised and disappointed one in the future. We all know that Karma is what it is and her kids will probably grow up to disregard her as she disregarded others. That's Linda "mud rule".

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