Saturday, July 18, 2009

My daughter and my grandson are moving to Albuquerque from Columbia, SC this week, so I would ask all of you to send positive thoughts for a safe journey and especially for a non-breakdown moving van trip. My grandson Ry, Shelley and their dog Odin will be traveling about 1700 miles in 4-5 days to get here.

I have to be real honest with all of you. I don't know whether I would be as brave (or maybe fool hearty) to make the move without another adult along but that's my girl, Danger Jane's (that's what we call my granddaughter) mother for you. We have spoken several times today. She is packing and so am I. I am packing up my sewing room so that when she arrives, she and GereaKaye can share that room. I will then pack up my studio next week, so that Ry can have his own room. This is not a permanent or perfect arrangement but it will (I think) be needed long enough that the move out is necessary. This will be the 5th time in 6 years that I have played musical rooms for my "art". This time I am packing, very slowly because of my broken wrist, so that it won't take me a year to find.......whatever. I have duplicates from some of the moves cuz I just gave up looking and went and got more or another or some or new. I swear I won't this time.

This time my sewing/studio will be right smack dab in the middle of the house. I am moving to the living room/dining room, with the overflow packed securely and moved to the garage. Better light, better air flow, better than the garage which besides the porch are the only choices left. My dolls are starting to complain about being bag ladies, homeless folks, without anchors. I've told them to quit complaining but you know how made ones are......sometimes they just have a mind of their own. Two of the skelly's told the others that they will have a better view of the trick or treaters and also the Christmas tree and that seemed to calm some of their fears. The main fear being the cat. He has been known to initiate some of the more frilly dollies in a not so polite manner by dragging them under the bed. No doors to lock him out so we all will need to remember to put the dollies away even if they are in progress.

Oh send good thoughts about that too. I am so addle brained sometimes and now with 3 extra bodies and another dog in the house I may need all the good thoughts I can get for months. I'd forget to pay attention if not reminded these days.

Blessings and goats, xo Linda
(you need to ask Georgina about the goats)


  1. I´ll send you a lot of good thoughts, everything is gonna be alright, I´m sure!

  2. Ay muchacha, you tooo fonny!!! Of course I'm sending you many good thoughts and of course, blessings and goats!!! All will be well and you'll have your little family back under your protective wings, even the broken one!! Just don't over do it, chenta.

    Muchos besos,


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