Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Philosophy Olde Bagg style 101

In answering a fellow blogger (thanks for the spark, Diane), I bumped my noggin on a thought about who we are, why we are and more importantly where we got it.

Re, yesterdays blog, I got clutzy. When we go down the assembly line of pre birth and we are to pick out the options we want in life for ourselves (sorta like all the bells and whistles on a new car), you know like beauty, poise, intelligence, athleticism, artistic talent, common sense, self confidence etc. I must have picked gift of gab with a side order of smart ass right away and was visiting with the girl next to me and missed all the good stuff. So the last items in the line were cluzty and funny and I had an empty basket and grabbed with gusto. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

I have a sense that there are others out there (you see these poor folks everyday) who got busy checking out the belly button "to be" while in line and forgot to pick important things like sense of humor, patience, tolerance and of course understanding.
I promise this is my only human kind bitch today.

Fortunately, the
powers that be saw my basket was lacking some important things and gave me a handful of useful things too. I am a very blessed lady. I may not be able to walk without falling down but at least I think (after the pain has subsided) that it has a funny side to it. My husband is thankful for my short memory for anger, cuz otherwise he might have lived in the dog house for many more hours than he has earned. My daughter is thankful for my ability to forgive her darling Picses ways no matter what and my grands are thankful that my desire for their success as kind, loving human beings outweighs my instinctive view of animals eating their young. So thanks powers that be for the lovely gifts you thought I needed and some unfortunately deserve.

Otherwise, I'd still be in line talking to the girl next to me about absolutely nothing, which is what of course I do every day here.

xo Linda

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  1. You and I are Soul Sisters. Seems you and I found the same line....thankfully, we're not the ones that when they called for "brains" the others ran for cover!!! LOL We are peas in a pod!


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