Saturday, July 25, 2009

Que sera, sera....whatever will be, will be

My granddaughter and I were having one of our "discussions" yesterday as we were returning from lunch with a very special friend of mine who is well into her eighties. Mildred is an accomplished silk painting artist, teacher, mentor and wonderful person. She has shared much with my family and still has so much more to share. We have been friends for 20+ years.
GereaKaye is going to learn to silk paint from Mildred in the near future and loves to hear us talk about "things".

It was one of those conversations that sparked the question and answer period I call our discussions.The first question was who is Tom Selleck and why did Mildred and I think he was handsome? Would I show her a picture of him? How come older ladies also think men are good looking and not just young women?
I must admit it is always a kick to see Mildred talk about a subject that she considers just a little "naughty" because she is kinda giggly and sweet. After explaining that people are people with the same emotions and thoughts no matter what physical age they are, I realized that she had touched on the question I have posed to all of you in the past....Who is the old lady looking back at me in the mirror and how did she get into my bathroom? We really do not change but are constantly changing.

GK asked what I thought the future was going to be like and I asked her to let me think on that one. I have a personal, a political, and a spiritual answer to that question and I want to make sure I don't take this moment and mess it up with my "baggage". So, I answered her by saying, I don't think my Mother would have had an inkling how the world would have changed if I had asked her that question in 1958 about today. It would have been too much to contemplate.

After I answered the question that way she looks at me with those wonderful root beer colored eyes and said, no Oma, I meant next week.

There ya go.


  1. GK is simply the best !
    Have a nice weekend all of you

  2. Oh, how funny! Can't they just crack you up???

  3. That's nice that you can share as you do with your g/d. These are moments that she will never forget. You're a good Grandmom. Have a great weekend.


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