Friday, July 10, 2009

Think for yourself

This is an unusual time for me to be writing my blog. I usually do so in the morning when the thoughts of the day and the hurry ups of my life have not invaded my, be it all so feeble mind. But today, I just could not quite wrap my mind around what I wanted to say. Let me first begin with an apology to any of you that I may offend. I know I am not the first writer to beg the reader's forgiveness but Mr. Shakespeare, it still feels wrong somehow. Afterall it is only my viewpoint, but I am not trying to irk anyone's chicken.

I am as appalled by the attention to the passing of Michael Jackson as I was many years ago when Elvis died. I guess maybe I have never idolized anyone enough to go bananas upon their death. I didn't even go that berserk when my parents died. But the point to this is not the death per say but the obsession by the media. And I can only tell you it makes me sad because on the same day as Mr. Jackson's passing, many, many young men and women with families and loved ones gave their lives in the defense of their country and that was never mentioned.

I hate war, who doesn't. I love the patriots fighting the war, who remembers?????? A lot of people, but not enough. I realize that the scales of life don't always balance but a singer who only a few short years ago left this country because he was so harassed by the media is now the dead darling of the same folks who made his life miserable. HUH?????? Does anyone else think this is odd?

I think we have to wake up to the fact that life is happening around us, we and we alone need to be the judges of how we view it, and react to it, not leave it up to the media to tell us how we feel or should feel about it. George Orwell would be so proud of the masses flocking to the information gurus and taking it all in like babies to formula. Wake up America, we need to think for ourselves and own our own feelings.

I saw a sign at the 4th of July Tea Party here in Albuquerque that read, we shall not go quietly into the night blinded by the light of tyranny. I think the tyrants are the media. They are the ones poisoning minds, molding, forming the automatons into: sadness, outrage, anger, hypocracy, lunacy and numbness. The dull look behind the eyes, the hollow expression to real human tragedy, the hatefulness of spirit because they have been told they have been cheated by "the man" whoever that man happens to be at the moment. These are the legacy of the media to our culture.

Oh my, something tells me my time is up here, I have ranted til my fingers hurt.


  1. If our service people who die received that kind of attention we probably wouldn't have wars. There would be mass riots against this war and the ones that are coming. It's just a distraction, keeps people from thinking about the real tragedies of life..the things they need to be thinking about...guess it's too depressing for some of today's folks...guess that's the way they want it...turn a blind eye toward reality. Guess I'll quit ranting! Good post!

  2. Hi Linda!
    I celebrated the 4th of July with americans in France, it was great!
    I have an answer for you in my blog


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