Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wild and Wet goes Old School

Hey Good Morning ya'll. I hope you all are doing well. I appreciate hearing from any and all. On this forum or on FB or by email.

I read somewhere this week that FB which was originally designed by a young person for young people has been invaded by us old folks. Now I don't care who you are, that's funny. Just imagine. 3 years ago the average age on Facebook was 22, now it is 45. The same people who shove you out of the way at the mall are being crowded on cyberspace by the boomers. Yeah for us.

The main reason that thrills me is because of an incident in Denver this summer. My sweet man and I took GK and her friend to Waterworld, 64 acres of slides, tubes, teenagers checking each other out and hills that old ladies with knee replacements are challenged by. Well as luck would have it after about only 6 hours of said fun in the sun, the clouds let loose and buckets of rain drops came pouring down. Everyone, obviously had to get out of the water and make their way to the exits. Reminded me of that saying about rats and a sinking ship. Hundreds of bikini and saggy baggy shorts making their way to "out".

The girls and Joe were in front, I was pulling our cart with all our stuff in it. All of us were being jousled and pushed as these terrified (oh yeah whatever) teenagers were rushing to get out of the rain. Why? had they not just been wet all day? Anyway we were going down some steps when from behind me I feel a push and hear "God, I hate f____old people, they are always in the the way, hey dumb ass, move out of our way, come on move it b____". I saw the fear in my husbands and granddaughters face as I turned (my husband swears it was in slow motion) and in my best school teacher voice explained life to these young cow droppings and invited them to do things to themselves that are physically impossible to do, including but not limited to leaving the face of the planet.

I will be the first to admit that I messed up. I let them get to me. I lost my cool. I went way too far with my behavior and language, but damn it felt good to let um have it. Poor things, they were paying for accumlated years of attitude displayed by smarties with raging hormones, towards those of us with hormonal problems of our own. I hereby apologize to all the good kids who would never act disrepectfully towards an adult, both of you.


  1. I'm dying of laughter here, lady!!! Little shits! Sadly, I too would have dropped to their level, but one has to take a stand. From the time I was a smart-ass kid, my mother always told me to be kind to the elderly because if I was lucky enough, I'd reach that age and the last thing you want is some rude, little toady pizza face piece of crap giving you attitude, so I was always polite but coming from a Mex.-Am. background, we were always respectful to our elders because our "abuelitas" would have beat the holy shit out of us!!!! So potty mouth on, Sista!!!!

  2. Hi Linda. I don't blame you for being so angry. It happens and sometimes you just have to let go. On the other hand, one has to be careful because some teens carry guns. Be careful. I too was raised to be polite to the elderly as well as ALL my relatives and to people I don't know. I try to live by that but there are times....well you know. Have a great Wednesday.

  3. There are times the only way to deal with a situation is on that level. You go girl!! Maybe, they'll think twice before they do it again. Wouldn't you hate to think one of your kids could've done that to someone??!!

  4. Lynda, I would die of humiliation of my child had treated anyone like that. Now it would be my grandchildren and after what GK saw, I have not doubt that she won't. Thanks for your comment.
    Glory1, yes ma'am I know I took a chance with the world the way it is. I don't normally behave like that because of being fearful of retaliation. It's a shame but true.
    Georgina, My grandfather used to take out after us with his cane, if we misbehaved. I was scared to death of him. And my abuela was so sweet, I never would have even given thought to sassing her for fear my grandfather would come after me. LOL That reminds me, I have that cane....I should, nah.


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