Monday, July 27, 2009

What a day for this daydream

When all else fails, let a 5 & 9 year old plan your day. That way you can be surprised with pretend magic shows, play dates at Micky D's, and ice cream with sprinkles. The other good part is that you are able to sing all the songs that used to make your Mom and then you yourself go bats and enjoy all of it all over again because you have a totally different perspective on the fun of the songs.

It's a good reason for getting up extra early in the morning so you can finish the mundane to make room for the important field trip to the front yard to check out the night flying hummingbird moths as they sleep on the wall, snails that are loving the rainy season and of course go for a walk to talk to the neighbor's dog who hasn't met you yet (the 5 year old). Or fix Mac n cheese for the first time in years and not worry about the fat content but look forward to the slurps to get the last one in your mouth.

And here I thought that I was happy before. Nope this is bliss.

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  1. Know the feeling, my friend. I make my guys "Meema's Scratchy Mac," named by my Sean some years ago when I made them man n' cheese from scratch...that's what we call it now!!!


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