Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What goes around, comes around damn it

I had a gorgeous Saint Bernard named Lil Bubba Murphy. He was the prettiest St. I had ever seen. Nice head, good markings, loved to be brushed, loved me to pieces but he was a mean SOB. He was very protective and territorial. Didn't let anyone in our house, or near me and worked up quite a head of steam about "interlopers" of any kind, be they neighbors, friends, workmen, strangers. He had been going to our friends house with a huge yard to play with 2 younger Saint Bernards since before she got the younger dogs. At my friends house, he was relatively calm and submissive until the day he bit an idiot woman who just wandered back into the back yard there and started screaming and hitting at the dogs to leave her alone. They were just smelling her dog on her. But to Murphy, .those were his puppies and I have a feeling he was trying to protect them from this irritating voiced woman. Anyway, because he also had a degenerative eye disorder that was painful and only going to get worse for him, we made a very difficult decision and put him down a year ago. I still miss his big ole self. He was good to me, to my grandkids and was such a baby. I had him groomed once a month and the groomers love to brush him because he just loved the attention.

Now to the present. My grand is playing with the next door neighbors granddaughter who is a year older. That family is in a similar situation to my own. Adult child moving home with children and a dog. Their dog is also a relatively large protective male and you already know what I am going to tell you huh? That dog bit my granddaughter. Didn't break the skin but vice gripped her arm big time and got her face too. My neighbor brought GK home and apologized for the incident and is (I feel bad for her because I know how she is feeling) so sorry.

So what do I do with these feelings I am having? Life is a double edged sword always. Nothing is ever simple for me. I have to think on both sides of every flippin' thing that happens. Right now I don't want to be fair, nice, good and kind. And there is my beautiful GK with a nasty bruised face and arm, at fault partially because she went into their house and knew that the dog was protective. I think she thought because she had had a "mean" dog at Oma's that this one would not hurt her. I am so torn. So upset. Right now, the otherwise smart mouthed monster that is me, is feeling very weak and tired.

Oh my hell. Linda


  1. Oh, I feel so sorry for GK!
    Unfortunately I don´t have any good advice here...
    Tell GK her picture is on it´s way.

  2. Oh, how I know how you're feeling, sort of. We had this little terrier named Edgar. We saved him from the "dog catcher," one summer day when my older kids were little. Edgar was a sweet little thing, looked like Benji and loved to chase butterflies and shadow birds. There was a German family that lived behind us and that little sh-- used to throw rocks at Edgar and poke him in the face with a stick through our iron gate, sometimes poking so hard at his nose that it bled. We talked to his mother about it and she did nothing...the little brat kept doing it. One day he came over to play with my kids and out of the blue, Edgar grabbed that little Kraut's skinny, pale white leg (please folks, take no offense, but I hated that little Nazi!)gripped him and wouldn't let go! I looked out the window to see what was going on and I about fell down was like watching a cartoon...kid trying to shake off dog, but dog held that leg to the point he was off the ground. I called out to Edgar and he let go. Of course his mother was furious with me, like I cared, and after telling the kid's father what had ensued and why, the kid was busted by the father. We told the Animal Control people what had happened and they didn't take him back with them, they'd heard the story numerous times of children abusing animals and animals scoring. We had to quarantine him for 2 weeks in our backyard, as if he ever left the backyard. Then there's the story of the other kid who threw rocks at my Aussie...ok, that's for later, but believe you me, she deserved that one too!!!

    So sorry to hear about that's a very upsetting story...poor little girl and I don't blame you for feeling the way you're the Mama Tiger protecting yours.


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