Sunday, July 5, 2009

The wisdom of an old friend, the fun of new ones

About once a month I get an email from someone in my life sending me a funny, cute or sappy greeting about it being friendship week, month, hour or day and I love everyone of them. It's great to have people who think about you and include you in the junk mail of our existence in the cyber connections of which we are a part. Huh???, well you get it. I love my new electronic friends and many of you have been exceedingly kind and some have even laughed at my insanity and let me know, which is a great happiness to me. These new friendships have lifted my spirits and given me a new "lease on life", the old one was only month to month.

So because I am uplifted, on my last visit to my chiropractor of almost 20 years, who is a riot, I shared some of my encounters with him, since he always has hilarious things to share with me. I am going to interject the fact that my husband also goes to see Dr. Fuzzyface as my grand calls him, and he tells me that it is always a very professional encounter. None of the frills, fun stories or pontifications I get when I go to see the Bone Man are ever included in his visit or treatment.

Come to think of it, I have noticed that he (Bone Man) is a very serious and professional looking and acting person to others. On several occasions we have heard from the people in the waiting room,that it sounded like we were having fun. (sounds kinda snippy huh??) I guess I just never gave him a chance to be that side of his personality to me. I guess I don't give many folks a chance to be serious around me for long. Bad Oma. I think life is terminal, not serious. Anyway, there goes another one of those digressions for which I am famous.

Sweet old friend Bone Man tells me after I share my blogging and facebooking tales of fun, that he is really sorry to hear that I now have imaginary friends along with my other disorders which include foot in mouth, OBPMD (old broad potty mouth disorder) and what can only be called a social tick (waiting in line patiently cuz I don't want to miss out on the fun or the opportunity to make someone smile whether they want to or not). What a non believer Dr Fuzzyface is. You are out there laughing aren't you???????. I'm like Tinkerbell, please clap three times if you believe in old broads. Tell me you are real.........................


  1. I am clapping....I believe in old broads I do..I do..I do believe in old broads I do, I do!!!!

  2. Hey, I heart ol' is good for us codgers...I knew I'd like being middle age when I was a kid because I knew I wouldn't have to worry what other people thought about me....wait, I never cared back then either...oh well, now I really don't give a shit!!!!


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