Monday, August 10, 2009

I live with public enemy #1

This is gonna be a soap box one so either hold on or ignore my post today.

When I was a teenager in the 1960's, I was a part of the first student walk out at my high school to protest the Vietnam War. My parents had a fit. I wore bell bottoms, hung out with the wachy tobacky crowd in Yale Park got a ticket for loitering. My parents had a fit. I also belonged to a sorority, was on the dean's list, held a work study job, helped with a brownie troop, and watched a lot of Star Trek, Dark Shadows and Laugh In, which has nothing to do with anything but I wanted to add that. My parents had a fit, which is understandable because they lived through the McCarthy era and cautioned me that if I continued my leftist ways that the FBI would have me on an unAmericans list in no time. I was actually afraid they might be right. They, both being staunch Republicans, were sure of what might happen. (My Dad even made a bid for the Lt Gov office in the '70's.)

Now I find myself married to someone who is definately on the new UnAmericans list. Sweet Man is overweight (gonna pay more for health insurance), is a former Marine (and as such was put on a subversive's list), attended both of our local tax revolts (shame on our bad straight thinking selves), is 60 (will have to attend a meeting with a Federal social worker to plan his end of life program), is a registered Republican (he had to in order to stay in the family according to my folks), writes his Congressman and Senators about his objections to the current health plan, bail outs etc. (definately on the UnAmerican list). He also has worked in the church and held office there, does know how to shoot a firearm (even if we don't own one cuz I might use it on someone), is not a full blooded minority (even if his Mom is Hispanic and Father was Native American, Hispanic with a European last name), and the only thing keeping him from being at the head of the list, is that we do not live in the South (but our garage smells like mildewy South Carolina and I'm not sure that won't count against us).

Can you tell I am a little upset with the insanity surrounding our lives right now? I love my country, our form of government, our military, the flag, apple pie (especially with ice cream and cinnamon) and my family which I am really having some concern for their futures in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

If I offended any of my left thinking friends, you have a right to your opinions, but sorry Charlie. If you agree, HONK.....LOUD...OFTEN.....for goodness sake NOW.

We can't be afraid that someone is going to put us on a list. We aren't 19 anymore.


  1. Linda! I just found your blog thru my friend, Becky, in Sweden! She and I met in France this summer and I noticed your comments on her blog from "Linda in New Mexico" and asked about you. I live in Santa Fe and think that your blog is GREAT! I hope that things are going well with the family back...I am off to a reunion tomorrow! (3rd in four weeks....) Ready to be home and have school begin again!
    xo Jone

  2. I am thrilled to meet someone who knows Becky. When you have time, I will let you know how we met. Isn't she fabulously talented?
    Have a great reunion and we'll connect soon. Linda

  3. Hi:

    i know this is out of the blue, but i just wanted to say that i really enjoy reading your blog... you have a way of pointing out things that i think become obfuscated by the daily grind. I always find your posts interesting, refreshing, and actually relavant at times to things happening in my own life. You seem like a genuine, slightly crazy but beautiful soul and i just wanted to say thanks for sharing your insights. i hope you have a great day!

  4. Wow, thanks t. I've never even been near the word obfuscated before. I kinda like it though. Linda

  5. well take it from the mayor of obfuscationville: its not as supercalafragalistic as it sounds :)

  6. I always find your posts interesting, refreshing, and actually relavant at times to things happening in my own life.
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