Monday, August 17, 2009

I see the moon and the moon sees me

Okay so today I went to the mailbox without shoes and a very strange thing happened. My feet tell me that the season is about to change and the sun is at a different angle. 2 weeks ago, I would not have made it to the mailbox without shoes because they would have been sizzling hot but not intolerable. I love Indian Summer and itsa comin'. Early this morning, the moon gave me the best piece of sky jewelry to contemplate today. The moon was a waning crescent with the morning star suspended about 4 degrees below.

Can you tell I'm a sky watcher. I am not knowledgeable about all the ta dohs and ta dahs of this cluster and that nebulae but I love to watch the show put on by Mother Nature. The moon phases, wind, clouds, color tone of the sunshine, sounds of the rain and snow and other earthy and earthly things have always made me happy. When I was a kid, which was in the dark ages, I was always fascinated with the change of season (minimal as it is here in the sandbox at least we have changes), the sky and what secrets it had to divulge and my own internal sense of my surroundings.

I can remember freaking my Mom and sister out by trying to prognosticate the weather for the next day and when there was going to be a change of some sort. Sunny 50 something degrees today and a spike in temp the next, clear with no chance for precipitation and then a gully washer the next day. The trick included watching insects, caterpillars, listening to birds, watching the rising and setting of the sun and the color of the clouds, breathing in the air and trusting my gut (no my name is not Leroy Jethro Gibbs). Back in the stone ages, we didn't have much of weather forecasting on the radio or TV (certainly not whole networks dedicated to the weather OMG). I don't have any idea why or how I did what I did when I was a child but my Mom would tell all the neighbors (laughingly so that if I was wrong she wouldn't look like a fool) about what I had forecast and then if and when it happened, they would say how funny "her little weather bee" was.

As "the weather bee" has aged, the signs and nuances of the weather and sky have given me comfort. I don't key into it as much as I did when I was a kid but on mornings like this with sky jewelry, more shadows on the porch, more moisture in the early morning hours, more activity from the house finches, a yellower cast to the sun, it all comes flooding back to me and I am at peace with surely being a child of the earth.


  1. Wow, you sure are a child of the earth. I'm the child of the AC Indoor Clan!! You all in the high desert have it cooler than those of us in the lower desert...friggin' hot!! Hope all is well with the whole famdamamily. I will be doing something I haven't done in a loooong while today...go into the studio!!! Yea, happy day!!!

    Observation: Yesterday, I was watching the A&E channel and a short video of their upcoming new show, "Hoarders" came on...the next thing that happened was hilarious...the commercial following the short preview was for! Am I crazy, or was I the only one who thought that was just too funny!!!!????

  2. The moon was a waning crescent with the morning star suspended about 4 degrees below.

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