Saturday, August 22, 2009

Little man speaks and speaks and speaks......

"One two, put your shoes on, three six shut the door, seven eight lay it straight, 9-10 now we're done."

And you thought we were just pretty faces in this neck of the woods. My grandson cracks me up. Got up from a forced fun nap and found his Mom, Sis and I beading and was all over that. I need a necklace too says he. So he proceeded to make himself a fancy do dad to wear. He was alittle upset that there were no more skeletons left from our last project to add to his do dad and wants to wear it to school on Monday, or better yet let his new sock monkey wear it.

He was so mad at his Mom yesterday when they got home from meeting his teacher. Shelley had to almost drag him from the classroom. When he walked in the door he told me that his Ms. Teacher was wanting RyLeigh to come back right now. This kid wants to go to school in a big way. This morning after his Mom had already left for work, he came in to be with me while I was paying bills online and we had time for a quiet talk. He told me that he had to go back to school this morning because there was a really great train table and he thought the trains had gotten the idea that he liked them and didn't want them to be lonely without him. What a kid.

I had lots to list on Ebay in the last couple of days and wasn't feeling really up to snuff, so SM helped out with Ry. Last night when we got into bed he said he had not realized how draining being with the kids, most especially Ry, really was. At that moment, I wished I had a rubber stamp with a great big DUH on it, to stamp on his forehead. I mean it was nice that he realized it but duh. The kids are wonderful but we aren't spring chickens anymore, we are used to silence and peace and a clear pathway to the bathroom. You know, basic old people stuff. Gerea Kaye is a talker, has been since she was 10 months old, but her brother never is quiet, always has a story to tell you or a noise to make, to make his point or gyrations to emphasis something. Heaven help him, I don't think he can be quiet or still, not even in his sleep. And it's kinda funny that SM was the designated receiver of the fun and games, at least for a day.

They, the southern invasion are out right now, being the recipients of ice cream for cleaning their plates. I am the recipient of blessed peace, if only fleeting. Good night my friends. Sleep tight, don't let the bugs crawl all over you while your trying to get some rest.....according to the little man.