Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween, Hippity Hoppity, Banging Fourth etc.

Cooler still this morning as I looked out to check the world. Goosebumps from the first trip outside. Yeah.....................damnable hot summer with no holidays (except 4th of July)is almost gone. Now we move on the the "Holidayed" season. I know, I know, for those of you who are holiday handicapped or holidayaphobic, I make you nervous.

A truly insightful gentleman wrote on my blog. He is the mayor of Obfucationville (yes, look it up, use it thrice and it shall be yours forever or so goes the school teacher myth). In responding to his Mayorship, I read his blog and was reminded of the sentimental pulling to the holidays that so many of us have.

When I was little (remember this is in the stone age) my Dad (he who must not be named) wouldn't let us put up the Christmas tree until December 20th. This was not based on any religious or cultural tradition but because he didn't like the mess for long, I guess. Or maybe it is as I have always suspected, my father was the Hispanic Pendejo Grinch. Even when the tree was one of those god awful shiny aluminum things with all red decorations and a spinning color change wheel, same timing. My Mother would take down the tree before Jan 1, so that we wouldn't have bad luck. At least hers was based on an irrational cultural tradition. I just loved the Christmas tree. The smell, the way the lights look when you're laying under it looking up, the tenderness my Mom would apply to the ornaments because they came from someone or other, were all part of my very vivid recollections of the holiday. Unfortunately so were fights about how the lights went on, cursing or muttering when the needles started falling or an ornament got accidentally broken while you really didn't mean to be playing with it but it is sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty and you couldn't help but touch it.

All of that, I guess, lead me to be a Christmasaholic for years. As a matter of fact, when Sweet Man and I got married, I made a bargain with him. I told him he never had to get me an anniversary present if he would just let me put up the Christmas tree when I wanted. He agreed and early in our marriage I started putting up the tree the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is our anniversary. (Okay now you're telling yourself, but that isn't always the same date every year. But it sure makes it easier for Sweet Man to remember when it is.)

And because I am the addictive personality that I am....I expanded my mania from one to all holidays. Now we have a tree for any and all except Groundhogs day, well maybe a few more. But, the entire west wall of a two and half car garage is filled with holiday boxes, floor to ceiling.

When Shelley was in high school and I had a herd of teenagers every day at lunch time. The kids would make fun of Shelley and then me for the Harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Snowman, Valentine, Easter, May basket and Fairy trees as they appeared in our picture window. The neighbors at our old house, which was on the corner, started voting on their favorites and leaving messages and suggestions. Since SM and I moved into this house which is on a dead end street, I really have missed the critiques and interaction. But I must say I can decorate and not be afraid it is going to get stolen.

While the "kids" were in SC, it was tempting not to decorate but to my great surprise and delight, my SM made request for the trees. His favorites being the gold Christmas tree with all things icy and sparkly and the black Halloween tree with goodies and witchy things. My favorite is my Mexican Fiesta tree, resplendent with Virgins, Loteria, tinwork and all things Hispanic and my other fav is my 4th of July extravaganza. The rest are wahhhh to him but I now have a reborn spirit for delighting my grands with my holiday insanity. I can hardly wait to see the 5 yr olds reactions to the junk and stuff.

Nanny Nanny boo boo were gonna have some fun. Ya think I've been with the kids too much this summer? Could be. I'm ready to get my decorate on.


  1. You're what I wanted to grow up and be!!! I was the holiday whore for many years, but something happened, I got lazy!! Now one thing my kids will tell you is that I too put the tree up before the 1st of the year and they hate it (too bad!!>:(~ ). My thing is that I want to enter the New Year without the drudgery of putting the pinchi tree crap away. Ok, I'm the Pendeja Grinch!! So, enjoy your tree trimming and decorating...I'll just wait till Dec. sometime!!!

  2. WOW!... They are beautiful pictures, I love it. Hope you guys enjoyed.
    Thanks for posting...

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