Friday, August 21, 2009

Now see what you've done.....

As in all family's we have pet names for each other. I call my husband, as you all know, Sweet Man, he calls me Babe (to my face) but when he is telling others about me, he refers to me as "The Boss", yeah me and Bruce.

I'm gonna try to do this in chronological order so as not to obfuscate (did ya look it up like I told ya?) my posting any more than usual. Bewildering huh?

My Uncle Albert was the first to give me a nickname (I always wondered who Nick was and why did everyone want his name?). He called me Windy. Just like my grandson is now, I never shut up. Of course that was only as a child, LOL, yeah right. I thought it was Wendy, like the girl in Peter Pan until I was about 12 and then I realized I had been slammed. Can you spell S L O W. When I started school, there were 6 Linda's in my class and 2 Linda M's so my Mom said, "sure she will go by her middle name". So from the time I was 6 until 13 when we moved from the valley to the heights, I was called Sybil. I was named for my Aunt in Tenneessee. When we moved, the first day of 7th grade my 1st period teacher kept calling Linda and my last name. I thought cool, someone else has my last name....but alas can you spell S L O W.

Linda it was until I married Sweet Man. His Mother called me Her Majesty and told him not to bring me to stay at her house because she didn't have a rhinestone studded toilet seat for me. Guess what, I got that slam. She also warned him not to marry me because I had 100 pairs of shoes and would expect him to keep them coming. I go barefoot most of the time...ha ha old woman.

Now we pan to present day. When GK was born, I did not want to be called Grandma. I hoped that SM's heritage would prevail and I could claim the German Oma for mine and it came to pass. Then Gerea started calling me know like the Terminator and now it has become "the meanest old broad in the world". Now, you must know that I am not the least bit offended by either of these names and I laugh when she calls me by them. But for "outsiders" it can be a bit jolting and have warned Gerea that not everyone has a sense of humor. Not everyone would get away with calling anyone, let alone a loved one a "mean old broad". We will be careful so as not to disturb the normal people.

The reason for the name is because of a book we bought her this summer in a wonderful used book store. The meanest old witch, is the title and the witch finds out her cat is meaner than she is, just like my Sunny Bunny Boo Boo head. I told her yeah, that's me.

So there ya go, now see what you've done Linda. Just another day at the bean juice factory, canning unrest and discontent to be sold to the unsuspecting.