Thursday, August 20, 2009

One down and one to go

This morning, bright and early we all got up and got GereaKaye ready for her first day of 4th grade. Little critter, because of circumstances beyond her control, will start her fifth school today. She has never returned to a school for the next year. She is a trooper, but you can tell she is filled with trepidation as well as excitement. Yesterday she went with her Mom to meet her teacher and get a lay of the land as far as where her classroom was and all the important things ya need to know at 9.

We took her to the bus stop, at the end of our street and saw that she got on the bus okay.....from a distance. It's funny how they want you near but not too near at this age. There are 6 kids from the neighborhood that ride the bus so she will have that adventure to deal with as well. Lucky for her she is the last stop to go to and first off after school. No long bus rides. Mom was a little wound up too. Had to break up the cat fight about lost shoes, but other than that pretty calm.

Ry starts school on Monday. Kindergarten visits happen for the next two days. Used to be that the teachers did home visits for the K's but now the K's and folks visit the teacher and get a look at classroom etc. That will happen for Shel and Ry tomorrow. He is so excited to be going back to school. He went to a pre K last year. Loved his teachers and his"cousins". The only other little boys he had ever played with were his real cousins and so he got it into his mind that any boy he played with was his cousin. There is a cute story that goes with the cousin thing. His classroom had a visitor come to class, I think a firefighter, and RyLeigh was asked as were all the boys to introduce themselves. Ry took it upon himself to do the introductions. He said his name and then said and these are my cousins and proceeded to introduce the rest of his class who were African American. The man looked at Ry, tried not to laugh and said how nice it was to meet Ry and his cousins.
I'm so proud of both of the grands for not even recognizing race, color or any other difference someone might have. Life is best lived with tolerance and being nice. They both get that.

It's so cute what they accept as "the way it is". I just love the mind of a child. Sometimes he tells me things with such an intense look on his face and uses a "this is the way it is" voice and I'm not getting what he's saying at all but I would never let on that I don't understand. I wouldn't want to dampen that fervor he has for his feelings. He is a precious bundle of stuff.

So anyway, Monday, I will put the two of the them on the bus, Shelley and SM off to work and's just me and the dogs, cats and turtles. I've already sent a memo to the animals that they are on their own. The turtles kinda grumbled but too bad so sad, I'm free to do something on my own. Maybe even creative, no surely not, I don't know if I will remember how.


  1. Hey Muchacha, glad to hear you're again going to have a temporary empty nest. I have an idea, not only work on being creative but do it "nekked!!!" LOL Liked your comment on my last blog spot...we're so lucky to live in the Southwest..I know you know what I'm talking about when it comes to regional things...or anything else, for that matter...I think we're sharing a brain!!!!


  2. I wouldn't want to dampen that fervor he has for his feelings. He is a precious bundle of stuff.

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