Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturdays are such a joy now with the youngins here.

They are learning to fit into the world of the older and set in our ways crowd. We clean the house as a group Sat. mornings and then we play only after everyone has finished their jobs. If someone isn't finished everyone else pitches in and makes fast work of it. It works out pretty good.

When the playing time came I was still watering the fairy garden and asked the kids to join me to watch the turtles eating their weekly can of dog food. The turtles are cute but Ry is cuter. He wants it all to be fair and no fighting. Cracks me up as he is lecturing the two biggest turtles to share. Yeah, like he's got that skill down with his sister.....NOT.

Anyway, I took part of my recycle stash of still usable things with me when I went to water. Ketchup bottles. They make the greatest water cannons. The kids had no idea what I was going to do with the bottles and even helped me fill them up. I asked GK to hold I was going to use them for some important thing. Took one from her, took aim and let it rip. The look on her face was priceless. She said "huh, you're kidding?????" Oma how could you??? And then proceeded to use the contents of one of the bottles on my face. Ry was in shock and then was ecstatic. Jumped right into the fray. Too much fun. Even the dogs were racing around and having a great time.

They are currently in the hot tub with Mom, soaking, screaming and loving more water time. I took pictures and then sought the shelter and dry of the house. I am no dummy. Wet one time is fun. Besides, I just had to blog.........

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