Friday, August 14, 2009

This ain't purdy ya'll

Today has been a long, long, long day. We have finally gotten all of my crafting crap out of the turquoise room and into the "space that shall not be named" in the middle of the house. There is embarassing amounts of junk everywhere. This is truly a humbling experience. I knew I had a lot of crap but this is ridiculous.

I was very fortunate in that we live, in a large enough house so that I had my sewing stash in the spare bedroom and my studio was in the third bedroom (turquoise), I share the computer room with my husband and then the living room/dining room was where I packed the stuff I sell on Ebay. So you see my junk was everywhere except the kitchen, bathroom and the bedroom.

Well that all changed when the southern bunch invaded and came back into our lives to bring us bliss. Now my whole entire collection of "stuff" is crowded in the LR/DR. What a joke. Exploding is more like it. And we probably won't eat a meal at the table until forever.
How many roles of handmade paper does a human have to have before someone comes and carts them away to the overachievers recovery group? Or how many sequins, bottle caps, buttons, sparklies, fairy wings, doll wigs, bottles of paint, brushes, bric a brac, beads, patterns, bells, you name it we have it all at OmaLinda's craft crap pile is too much? Well kiddos I have the answer staring at me and it ain't purdy. It will probably take until the grandkids graduate high school to clear up this mess.

I found "projects, ideas & dreams" in the mass of stuff. You know the ones where you get the spark and collect all the necessary items to make it come to fruition and then lose your mind and live life and clean up and put the necessarys things away never to be seen again or worse yet blended in with other necessarys and they meld into (dare I say it) something else. Several plastic containers later, I found some really great ideas just waiting to be did. Projects are calling my name now and they are competing with the voices I already have telling me things. So we are having a party with out me. But damn ya'll we're having a good time.

My embarrassment has turned into dollar signs in my eyes. After all, I might be crazy but I am also pragmatic and the last of the big el cheapos so, I am going to become Ebay's latest craft corner and sell all of the offending materials to someone else who has hoarding on their minds. This is me singing "They've got hoarding on their mind, hoarding on their mind (twang for effect)".

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