Thursday, August 27, 2009

an update on my "rtsnbn" studio

I can almost breathe. The turmoil and messiness is almost tamed. I don't have enough room in my head for all the noise that clutter makes. Now don't get me wrong. Housework makes you ugly and under the circumstances, I can't take any chances, but, I also can't work or accomplish much that is significant if my workspace is trashed. So that has left me with the job of gleaning, cleaning and arranging.

You know if I had had the opportunity, I would have been a window dresser. I love to stage stuff. I love to fluff and press and place and stand back and say "oh yeah". But that isn't what I am doing at the moment. I am looking into and categorizing things. I have a librarian friend who would scream with pleasure upon seeing my mess. Scary people. She would offer to help but I would never find my shitee` again, it would be too organized and besides she is a left brain thinker and I don't get that much. The left side of my brain has been on vacation for so long, I don't even get postcards anymore.

So off I am to do another day at the "OMG how many of those things do you need" emporium of humble pie. Have a super day my friends.

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  1. I happen to like my's mine, I own it therefore it is mine...hmm, that was redundant!! I've cleaned my studio many times, but I always seem to forget where I put everything, so I've learned my lesson...chaos=knowledge!!!!


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