Monday, August 31, 2009

the wonderful chile of Hatch continued

We got our chile, stood while they roasted the peppers and smelled the divine. I had not ever noticed how the seeds from the heated peppers sort of behave like fireworks. They shoot into the air and catch fire. It was really cool. Maybe I have never gone in the morning when it was cool, but this was a new and interesting experience.

The slight wind shifted and Shelley and I were immersed in the smoke and aroma of the roasting chile. I said I hope that aroma lasted like perfume. The lady next to me just looked away. I also said I thought they ought to set up chairs for the chile hounds to come out and just watch and sniff. The same lady moved a little further away. Then Shelley and I were oooohing and aaaaahing at the chile fireworks and that's when this little pruney puss had had enough of our chile adoration society and moved to the other side of the roasters. Poor thing, I think she thought we might become rabid when we got our 35 lb treasure. And I guess it was too much for her when Shelley started taking pictures for a friend who now lives in Oregon and was laughing about texting him and asking if he wished it was a smell a text. Because at this point she got into her car and waited for her chiles. Ooops, fun shocks again.

We got the beauties home, put plastic on our hands and proceeded to bag the honeys to put in the freezer. The smell in the house is still incredible. Of course that is an acquired perception because when the kids got home (neither of whom are Chilized), GK asked what the greeny smell was. Oh, just wait my love, Oma's gonna rock your world with them most delicious beaner cuisine and some day you will look back on this as the day when your life really began. Too much???? Really?????, Okay if you say so.

The only drawback to the adventure is having to scratch your nose while putting the chile away or the feeling in your hands afterwards. Even with gloves the spicy green wonders leave an impression that lasts for at least 12 hours. The burn is good though.


  1. I get lost in the world of chile. when I roast mine, it's usually indoors on two large comals and I open the windows so that the neighbors will be sniffing the wonderful aroma. There is nothing like it. Thanks for sharing. Happy September.

  2. Oh, Hatch chiles...the aroma of the gods!!Anywhere you go right now, any grocery store anyway, there they are, roasting those heavenly greens. Time to make some fresh chile con queso, not tht K-SO crap and chiles rellenos, steak Tampiqeno, and don't forget the asadero!!!



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