Wednesday, August 26, 2009

work in the studio is progressing......yeah

For those of you who have followed the tale of crazy Oma, you know that I moved my "arting" shitee` from one place to another (several times) in the past 5 years and it has been that long since I felt inspired to start to complete (there's a puzzle of words) my projects. Now those projects are ideas from a before time. I don't know about you but once the fire has gone out of an idea it, becomes "just doing".

When I first got all my stuff into the "room that shall not be named" (formerly known as the living room/dining room), I gleaned the boxes and tubs and baskets and rat holes. I have a bunch of things to sell on Ebay for someone elses sparks and I saved some "projects" that I thought I could reinitiate. WRONG. I could finish them but they don't hold the same pull or urgency they did at conception. I am fickle but I am also frugal so there comes the dilemna (like that's not a daily process around here). Do I just cast these efforts aside or do I claim them as something I can get through? Ponderings..........

I will get down the road with the DOTD skulls and halloween angels and let the other things catch up if they are meant to. What say you? Would you keep the old or start the new?

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